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Ally: Now let’s take a quick look at the conclusion of Madeline’s story, Princess Madeline and the Dragon. BOOK BLURB: After a season of battle and rebuilding, the Kingdom of Soron is exhausted. With the return of the exiled wizards, the Spring Faire, and her upcoming wedding, Princess Madeline is looking forward to a peaceful season of celebration. When the mysterious green dragon reappears, threatening the kingdom and the king, Princess Madeline and Prince Braden won’t rest for long. Faced with this incredible new danger, Princess Madeline and Prince Braden must find a way to lead their kingdom and secure their future. Can they find the answers hidden within their mother’s cryptic messages from the past, or will the dragon destroy everything they hold dear? Follow Princess Madeline as she embarks on a dangerous new adventure to save her kingdom and her family. Blacula and the Power of Music Buy Links: Amazon Smashwords B&N Author Links: Kirstin Pulioff’s Website Kirstin Pulioff on Goodreads Danielle DeVor Last night, my father and I were watching a documentary on VH1. This is surprising because my father does not tend to watch documentaries, but this one happened to be about Funk music. If you know my father at all, he is the biggest Motown fan. All of his favorite music comes from the 1960′s and 70′s, and because of him, I have a wide taste in music now. Inevitably, we start talking while the documentary is going on-either about the musicians or something that happens to pop into my head that loosely has something to do with what we are watching. In this case, the soundtrack to the movie, Blacula. Blacula, if you haven’t guessed already, is a blaxploitation filmfrom the 70′s. It is about an African prince, Mammuwalde who visits Dracula thinking that they will become business partners. Dracula, of course, has other ideas, and Mammuwalde’s wife is killed and he is imprisoned and made a vampire. Fast forward to the 70′s and a couple of gay designers buy the contents of Dracula’s castle and Mammuwalde is reborn. Minus the cheesy title, as far as 70′s vampire filmsgo, it is actually pretty decent. And, IMO one of the best things about it is the Funk inspired soundtrack. Needless to say, on the agenda for today is to listen to the soundtrack and get in my funky groove. Snow be damned. Original Article with extra graphics can be viewed on Danielle Devor’s blog 16 | P a g e