ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 13

5 Big Problems Facing Science Fiction Writers and How to Solve Them M Joseph Murphy Recently I read an article from last year in which J. Michael Straczysnki spoke about the biggest problems facing science fiction. Here are five common problems facing science fiction writers and how to solve them. 1. “NETWORKS STILL DON’T TAKE SF SERIOUSLY.” It’s not just the networks.Many people roll their eyes at all types of “genre” fiction. This is kind of ridiculous because the best science fiction is written to be extremely serious. At its core, science fiction is a social commentary that shine a light on the human condition. It asks the hard questions and offers solutions. Solution: Give your story depth and Sneer all you want at L. Ron Hubbard. I fell in love with his writing before I heard anything about Scientology. He wrote a wonderful article on science fiction and the role it plays in society. He stated that science fiction, much like morality plays in times before, allowed us to sneak a message past the reader. Rather than hammer home a message 2. “A SPACE-SH