ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 12

8. Zombies have notoriously bad eyesight, no sense of smell, and really poor hearing. As long as you don’t stick your neck, arm or leg anywhere near their mouths, you should be fine. 9. Always travel in a crowd. That way, the zombie horde that your noisy friends will invariably attract will become completely disoriented at the sight of everyone running off in different directions. 10. Learn how to use a crossbow, or any kind of Japanese weapon. You’re pretty much just screwed if you don’t. Don’t question it. Watch The Walking Dead on AMC for more invaluable tips on how to stay off the menu during the zombie apocalypse! Original article here: And Now For Something Completely Different About the Author Freelance author, screenwriter, and graphic designer J.B. Cameron hails from New Brunswick, Canada - though his humble Atlantic origins rarely shine through in his writing. A product of American TV, his often dark style and black humor typically Source: DeviantArt: phelandavion 12 | P a g e