ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 10

Now let’s shine the spotlight on Hunter! Maer: Do you use beta readers and, if so, what qualities do you look for in a beta? Hunter: Yes, I use two main betas, one is a reader, the other a writer. I take their advice, usually, since the see the story from two different perspectives. Maer: What is a one line synopsis for your story? Hunter: Is the future among the stars, in the cards or locked in your heart? Maer: Is this a stand-alone or part of a series? Hunter: This is the first installment in The Fortune Series. The Story of Dallas Fortune. I am planning on writing three installment for the series. All three will be short stories or novelettes. Maer: Sounds like fun! Which character, other than Dallas, is one of your favorites to write and why? Hunter: Ernesto Lorenze. He wrote himself. I knew what he looked like, how he spoke, how tall he is ... everything. He is fantastic! Maer: If you had to pick a color to describe Dallas what would that be and why? Hunter: Blue. Shades of blue. She is a guitar player who suffers an accident. She has to re-learn how to walk. She moves back to her family farm in rural Tennessee. Do you need more? Maer: Who are your favorite authors to read? Hunter: Thousands of authors, simply thousands. Right now, I am reading an Alison Weir book, Elizabeth of York. The history books clear my mind, somehow. I always read one before I start a new project. Maer: What a great idea! Can you share a bit about the project you’re working on now? Hunter: It’s a story of making your way in the world. Of finding out who you are and the people you need to surround yourself with, due to the positive influence. Maer: What do you do when you’re not writing? Hunter: Working out, shopping, love to travel. Good conversation over a great glass of red wine is a favorite. Maer: What influenced you to write in your genre? Do you write in others? Hunter: My genre is Fiction. The story finds me, whether it is horror, erotic, or romantic. I never know what I will write about until the story finds me. Maer: What music, if any, do you like to listen to while writing? Hunter: No music while writing. It’s just brain overload and I cannot focus. Music before I write gives me a sense of the rhythm of the words, the flow of the story line. Each story has had its own them