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INSIDE THIS ISSUE ASIA RESEARCH Email Newsletter 3 I THE INNOVATIVE INSIGHTS CORPORATION 4 I “BIG 4” AGENCY IMAGE 5 I THE 2014 ASIA RESEARCH BUYER SURVEY - INDONESIA 6 I NEWS THE 2014 ASIA RESEARCH STAKEHOLDER SURVEY T he annual stakeholder survey conducted by Asia Research each year can be viewed as the “pulse” of the research business in Asia. The survey examines the changes that are taking place in market research and the outlook for businesses that operate in this industry. Covering 262 stakeholders in client and agency-side organisations, most recognize that the industry is changing quite considerably, with 80% stating that within five years there will be major changes in the products, services, and types of organisations that serve the market, and even 5% predicting that the departments and companies that exist today will no longer be around. The rate of change is expected to be quite similar across Asia, and demonstrates that all markets will need to adapt to these shifting sands. Supply-side organisations will have to position themselves accordingly and adapt to new demands from clients in order to stay in business. Some of these changes relate to the methods of data collection. This is most notable in Australia, where many report that they no longer undertake in-person interviewing or telephone-based surveys. ASIA RESEARCH EMAIL NEWSLETTER - Q3 2014