Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) September 2017 Volume 34, Issue 7 - Page 34

34 DNF builds ST600-KIPRO for AJA users DNF Controls has introduced the ST600-KIPRO panel, which is de- signed to provide an IP control option for AJA’s Ki Pro Ultra Plus 4K and multi-channel HD recorders. The ST600-KIPRO is an Ethernet-based tactile control panel that delivers IP-based functionality to AJA’s Ki Pro products. It supports up to four AJA units with full IP control over record, play, stop, rewind, fast forward and jog. In addition, ST600-KIPRO is able to create name and record clips, mark and recall cue points, as well as view, select, load and play from a user-specified timecode location. VSTV enhances OTT delivery with umbrellaCDN Vietnam Satellite Digital Television (VSTV) has installed Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN content delivery network (CDN) selector, as a cloud-based solution for the delivery of live over-the-top (OTT) content to its subscribers. Featuring advanced analytics tool that gathers and displays information related to the session requests, the deployment of umbrellaCDN enables VSTV to determine the number of viewers for specific content in a single platform. Next Month @ X-Platform 5G/LTE PANELLISTS Michael Cronk Chairman, Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) Peter Bithos CEO, HOOQ September 2017 TV Everywhere add personalised view M In some of the most developed and connected countries in the world, there are probably more mobile devices than TV sets in a household. And as viewers continue to embrace multiple devices for content consumption, how does the concept of TV Everywhere enable broadcasters to deliver their content from screen to screen? Josephine Tan reports. edia content is no longer restricted to solely being viewed on the TV set. In 2005, YouTube brought video to the Internet at scale, shifting eyeballs from the TV to the computer. With the increase in mobile and Internet penetration, coupled with technological advances, the entire content lifecycle has been transformed — video content now has the ability to not only be distributed anywhere, but also follow viewers everywhere they go. This is TV Everywhere and, as the name implies, it is a concept describing how linear and on-demand content is consumed using mobile devices, Johan Vanmarcke, managing director, Asia, MediaGeniX, tells APB. Declaring that TV Everywhere is be- yond just another distribution channel, Vanmarcke highlights that TV Everywhere empowers media companies — be it broadcasters, pay-TV operators or over- the-top (OTT) service providers — to capture and captivate new pools of viewers with great content. He elaborates: “Media companies that used to have a stronghold in linear TV will see their market share decreas- ing year-by-year if they do not offer their content through different distribution channels. While TV will not fade away, as it allows viewers to consume content as a collective activity, media operators have to understand that mobile devices have taken an important role in viewers’ daily lives, and it’s as important as TV and radio used to be.” To allow broadcasters to better target content to audiences on both linear and on-demand platforms, MediaGeniX de- veloped the WHAT’sOn broadcast man- agement software solution. Designed to manage the flow of the content lifecycle, WHAT’sOn offers integrated modules that addresses the following: Linear The success of TV Everywhere is largely attributed to the introduction of smart devices that are small enough to fit in commuters’ pocket, paving the way for content on-the-go. ❝ Media operators have to understand that mobile devices have taken an important role in viewers’ daily lives, and it’s as important as TV and radio used to be. ❞ — Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director, Asia, MediaGeniX scheduling; promotion and interstitial management; media management; workflow automation; standards integration; content and rights man- agement; analytics and finance; and video-on-demand (VoD). “TV Everywhere fosters inter­ action among viewers through social media on the same device, for example, commenting on the content while watching and sharing it on social me- dia,” Vanmarcke says. “Operators can also better understand their audiences, as TV Everywhere requires viewers to authenticate themselves as subscribers in order to use the service.” Indeed, by using OTT platforms to launch the concept of TV Everywhere, media companies will have the ability to record viewer usage habits. And by employing enhanced content ratings and viewer performance analytics, operators are able to push relevant content to their users, alongside cus- tomised ads to better suit their viewers’ interests and habits, suggests David Blackett, group GM, Magna Systems and Engineering. As for viewers, he continues, TV Everywhere brings forth a person- alised viewing experience with their viewing behaviour being reported on and across multiple platforms, as well as the benefit of accessing the content across the platforms via a single ac- count. Blackett explains: “Ease-of-use and viewers’ experience are the big- gest factors, after content, to drive TV Everywhere. Having the content is important, but being able to find and consume that content quickly and eas- ily is equally crucial. “For broadcasters, TV Everywhere allows them to have greater reach for their content. Also, being able to push content to more places and people empowers broadcasters to do the same with targeted advertising that is customised and tailored according to viewers’ habits and preferences. “I feel that TV Everywhere has already caught on but viewers are still very hungry for more. Thus, this trend is no BW7B6WBF6FVR'WBFw&p6vf6Fǒ( ХFR7V66W72bEbWfW'vW&R0&vVǒGG&'WFVBFFRG&GV7Fb6'BFWf6W2FB&R6VVvFfB6WFW'>( 6WBfrFPvf"6FVBFRvB26Ч7VW'2&RƗFW&ǒWV7FrEbF&PWfW'*vW&RR7V7BbE`WfW'vW&R2FBFR67VW"666RFR7B&VWfB6FVB@6W'f6W2FW&WV&R&vW"g&Ɩ4Tf"7'7FG2WB'&ƖrWBFR66WBbE`WfW'vW&R6FVB&fFW'2&RbЦfW&r( 7G&r6W'f6RFB2W7FǐvB67VW'2&R6rf.( P62( F2ffW'2VVFr&VVfG0f"W&F'22B&fFW2FR"ЧGVFW2F6V&R6W'f6W2F&Vv&V6VFF2VWFr67VЦW'>( FVBv6V&RFRfWrЦW'2F&V6v6RFR'&B2RF@