Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) September 2017 Volume 34, Issue 7 - Page 25

CREATION September 2017 Bexel and thrill nature fans Bexel, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, is working with philan- thropic media organisation explore. org to stream “never-before-seen” live video and audio from some of the world’s most remote and exotic locations. After a successful first de- ployment in northern Manitoba, Canada, where Bexel’s specialty low-light-optimised camera system captured “stunning footage” of the aurora borealis at night, Bexel has deployed custom-designed systems at nine other sites, with another 25 planned for this year. Designed to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, Bexel’s camera systems give’s volunteer re- mote operators the tools they need to provide viewers with an un­precedented glimpse into the natural world, said Bexel. Given the unique circumstances at each site, Bexel’s custom HD and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) camera systems ensure that “rivet- ing, clear footage” will be available in even the most extreme condi- tions, the company added. 25 AJA simplifies church’s live broadcasts across 16 campuses Founded in 2001, Church of the Highlands has 16 campuses across Alabama, USA. With an average attendance of 40,000 members for its Sunday service, the church also records an additional 10,000 members tuning in live online. To reach out to members both in-person and online, Church of the Highlands leverages a robust video workflow to broadcast live worships and enhances live pres- entations at its main broadcast campus while recording all services at its other campuses throughout the state. The church’s weekend service is shot on three Sony HDC-2400 studio cameras on a tripod, with one on a jib positioned house left, and a Canon XF205 camera placed on a 15ft dolly track positioned house right. In addition to the 55-inch touchscreen monitor that runs the presentation content on stage, a confidence monitor is set up at the front of the stage for the speaker to refer to notes or lyrics. Each side of the stage is also equipped with for handling signal a 24ft screen with conversion when we rear projection, and have to manipulate a LED wall across the frame rate or format.” back of the stage to Additionally, he provide scenic back- has installed multiple grounds and video KUMO SDI routers playbacks. to route feeds from The church’s tech- different venues to nology infrastructure broadcast online and also comprises a to other campuses, range of AJA equip- Besides serving members in-person during its weekly Sunday service, ment, including Ki Church of the Highlands also serves some of its 10,000 members online, alongside FiDO fibre converters for long Pro, Ki Pro Ultra and Ki with the support of AJA Video Systems’ solutions. cable runs, and the Pro Rack digital video to capture the programme feed, ROI scan converters to scale output recorders, FS1 and FS2 framesyncs and ISO capture different camera from computers into its graph- and converters, KUMO routers, shots and graphics, which are then ics systems, as well as dozens of FiDO fibre converters, mini-con- recorded to six Ki Pro Racks 1RU mini-converters to manage signal verters and ROI (region-of-interest) rack-mounted recorders. conversion from SDI to HDMI and scan converters. Furthermore, Firesheets has vice versa. Justin Firesheets, production also employed two FS1 and one Firesheets concluded: “We’ve director for Church of the High- FS2 to embed multiple channels of always been impressed with the lands, has deployed between 30 audio from the broadcast campus. quality, durability and flexibility of and 35 Ki Pro Racks and Ki Pro Firesheets explained: “At the AJA gear, which is why we use so Ultra recorders system-wide as the main campus, we have five services much of it. It’s easy to use, which primary devices for recording all every Sunday plus smaller events is crucial for a live environment. services, giving each campus the throughout the week, and all of Everyone from staff to volunteers option to playback a pre-recorded those are captured on some com- can manage the AJA gear, and we service. bination of Ki Pro Rack/Ultra units. typically don’t have to worry about The main broadcast campus is The FS products are really great any failure points.” equipped with two Ki Pro Ultras Vi s i t t he Av i d Boot h at Hal l 7 , Boot h J 20