Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) September 2017 Volume 34, Issue 7 - Page 18

18 NEWS & VIEWS TSL Products simplifies and empowers IP transition Visitors to IBC2017 can look forward to a new release of TSL Products’ Tallyman advanced broadcast control system. To support the industry transition to software-centric, IP-connected technology, TSL Products has updated a number of its control, audio monitoring and power management solutions to sim- plify SDI/IP workflows and streamline operations sup- porting customers during the transition to IP. TSL Products’ wide- ranging catalogue of audio monitoring solutions provide practical functionality for various broadcast applications, from criti- cal level-metering to integrity- monitoring of surround sound for TV channels on transmission. IBC2017 sees updates to its MPA1 Dante confidence monitor- ing series to now include support of AES-67 (and thereby further support for Ravenna and Hydra2 networks) — which defines the IP audio transport layer in SMPTE 2110.  TSL Products’ PAM-IP audio monitoring devices, which feature twin Ethernet ports, can also now be used either in Dante or AES-67 modes, making them ideal for use across the SDI to IP infrastructure transition, as the installation moves towards a unified SMPTE solution.  Both ranges also now feature SNMP (simple network monitoring protocol) monitoring and control, which means they can be man- aged remotely by TSL Products’ TallyMan or other SNMP management systems for the first time. Existing users of the MPA1 can install the improved functionality as a free download. Visitors to booth 10.B41 can also check out FlashBoard, a new addition to the TSL Products com- mand and control range. A screen- based information distribution and display system, FlashBoard can be integrated with Tallyman or other third-party control systems. FlashBoard drives multiple displays, each with a “unique” combination of data, clocks and timers, on-air and cue lights, and production details. Screens are de- signed quickly, using the drag and drop functionality in the TallyMan virtual panel software for display in monitor walls, or distributed wire- lessly to tablets. September 2017 Lynx Technik supports 4K/UHD with 12G-SDI portfolio Because 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) re- quires a system that can transfer data at a rate of 12Gbps, over a single coaxial cable or optical fibre, Lynx Technik is showcasing its 12G-SDI portfolio, which the company says is optimised for 4K/ UHD broadcast applications and video processing. Highlighting the 12G line-up is greenMachine titan, a new member of the app-based solutions from Lynx Technik. For 4K/UHD applica- tions, titan accepts either 4x 3G-SDI (quad link) or 12G-SDI (single link) inputs. In addition, conversion between single link and quad link 12G-SDI signals is possible using greenMachine apps. Titan also offers an optional 12G-SDI fibre I/O. Apps for green- Machine titan that support 4K/UHD include frame synchronisation, em- bedding/de-embedding, up/down conversion and more. A new universal 12G-SDI re- clocking distribution amplifier (model: DVD 1417) for the yellobrik series is suitable for SDI video up to 12G for carrying 4K/UHD video on a single cable. The DVD 1417 auto- detects an SDI input up to 12G and passes it directly to seven outputs.  The third product is a new dual- channel 12G reclocking distribution amplifier (model: DVD 1423), which accepts a single input and offers three outputs (per channel). This For 4K/Ultra HD applications, Lynx Technik's greenMachine titan accepts either 4x 3G-SDI (quad link) or 12G-SDI (single link) inputs. compact, general-purpose, dual- channel reclocking SDI distribution amplifier is suitable for any SDI/ HD-SDI video signal up to 12G for 4K/UHD applications. These three new products, says Lynx Technik, expand its existing 12G-SDI technology platform, which includes fibre transmitters, receivers and transceivers. With its entire 12G portfolio, the company aims to help broadcasters provide end-users with a more immersive TV viewing experience. Lynx Technik is at booth 8.C70. Pebble Beach Systems spotlights Orca D