Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) October 2017 Volume 34, Issue 8 - Page 32

32 Unlocking the value of creative content October 2017 5G: Bridging mobile broadband and broadcast networks Hootsuite, a social media management platform, has been integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock. This colla­ boration will allow users to access, edit, distribute and measure the impact of social content directly from Hootsuite, thus drawing more value from creative content. Hootsuite customers can now edit and optimise images for social media using Adobe Creative SDK, as well as discover and license content from the Adobe Stock library of more than 90 million high-quality creative assets. While perhaps not designed entirely for broadcast applications, a number of industry projects and initiatives have highlighted the role 5G can potentially play in delivering broadcast services. Shawn Liew finds out more … Harmonic improves OTT delivery In a bid to simplify over-the-top (OTT) delivery, Harmonic has expanded the media processing and delivery workflow capabilities for its VOS media processing platform. New workflow orchestration and delivery functionalities, including streamlined content capture, 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) support, personalised ad insertion, and multi-cloud support, are available for VOS Cloud media processing software and VOS 360 distribution of OTT content. These, said Harmonic, enable video content and service providers to deliver “crystal-clear video quality on every screen”. Can 5G release the burden on increasingly congested networks delivering content to a proliferation of connected devices? Next Month @ X-Platform OTT / VoD Solutions and Enhancements PANELLISTS Chong Siew Loong CTO StarHub Michael Cronk Chairman, Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) Peter Bithos CEO, HOOQ T he efficient and cost-effective broadcasting of TV programmes to smartphones and tablets has taken another step closer to reality, declares the 5G Media Initiative at its third conference in Munich, Germany in August this year. Pointing to the June 2017 finalisation of Release 14 by the 3G Partnership Pro- ject (3GPP) international standardisation body, the 5G Media Initiative says Release 14 supports critical pre-requisites for broadcast content delivery in large-cell 4G and 5G networks, and offers characteris- tics that approximate those enjoyed with classical terrestrial broadcast methods. Launched on May 18 this year, one of 5G Media Initiative’s key goals is to lever- age the potential of 5G for the media sector by promoting collaborative research and development. Members of the grouping include Kathrein-Werke, Nokia, Rohde & Schwarz, Telefónica, MUGLER, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, the Southwest German Broadcasting Corpo- ration, the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU, the Fraun- hofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, the Institute for Communications Technology (IfN) of the Technical Uni- versity of Braunschweig, the Institute for Broadcast Technology (IRT), and the Munich-based startup Cadami. With Release 14, implementation in devices, services and networks can be started, as the extensions to the 3GPP standard include numerous improvements to the existing evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Sys- tem (eMBMS). These improvements, according to the 5G Media Initiative, provide the framework for economical programme delivery and “unrestricted access” to TV programmes. 5G could be a possible technologi- cal development enabling Programme Making Special Events (PMSE) for contribution purposes such as wire- less microphones or cordless cameras, says Jochen Mezger, general manager, network technologies at IRT. He tells APB: “This could be par- ticularly relevant in ad-hoc situations where it is necessary to transmit audiovisual media content quickly to the studio without the need to set up electronic newsgathering (ENG) networks. Nevertheless, sufficient network capacity f"DVG&@TB6W&2B6'BG&6֗2Ч6FV6W2&RF7V6&R( FRFW"BFW6RTpFV6wf"( VN( &GV7F66V&27V62Eb6w2'&BЦ67FW'2VVBFRfW&ƗGF6WBWЦ6fW&RB7FFR&GV7FWGv&2FWVFVFǒbW7Fp&RWGv&W&F'2( ХFRWr7V6f6Fg&FP4u66VFW2fVGW&W27V60&V6WFvFWB46&B@vFWBWFVF6F2vV2FPFbW6rWFRbFPf&RG&6֗7666Gf '&F67BƖ6F2( 6vf6Fǐ&vW.( G&6֗GFW"76w2W&֗BFPW6Rb'&F67BG&6֗GFW"7FF0)B֖vB&R76&RFBgWGW&PTr'&F67BVFWGv&6&RW&FVB'VFW"G&FF&RWGv&W&F"FWVFVB'&F67@WGv&W&F"$"'FP'&F67FW"G6Vb27FFPWGv&)( B6VWvW"vVW&vW"WGv&FV6vW2ĕ%BV&W"bFRTrVFFFf