Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) October 2017 Volume 34, Issue 8

FIND OUT ON PAGE 26 5 NEWS & VIEWS Kick compromise to the curb. October 2017 NEWS & VIEWS W O R L D I N B R I E F DVB forms liaison with SAT>IP Alliance GENEVA – DVB and the SAT>IP Alliance have entered into a formal liaison agreement on the future development of the SAT>IP speci- fication. The deal states that future promotion of the technology will be conducted jointly, and will allow the DVB community to contribute to next-generation SAT>IP features and services. 6 CREATION 20 MANAGEMENT 24 Stress-free, timely content delivery from anywhere, even in extreme conditions Discover more on page 30 DISTRIBUTION | OCTOBER 2017 | VOLUME 34 | 28 X-PLATFORM ISSUE 8 32 Professional media over IP: Building a future-proof media facility by shawn liew New JV pushes for best HDR experience LOS ANGELES – 20th Century Fox, Samsung and Panasonic are in a new partnership to create an “open, royalty-free” dynamic metadata platform for high dynamic range (HDR) through an associated cer- tification and logo programme, tentatively called HDR10+. Starting next January, the entity will license the metadata to content companies 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) TVs, Blu-ray disc players/recorders and set-top box manufacturers. LIVE PRODUCTION With the first standards within SMPTE ST 2110 now approved, will this development encourage more broadcasters to work in IP, and what must be done to ensure that future-proof media facilities can be built? Taiwan PTS’ 4K/UHD TV trial of games a success by josephine tan TAIPEI – At the 29th Summer Uni- versiade held last August, Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS) com- menced its first operation of 4K/ Ultra HD (UHD) broadcast over ter- restrial TV. The key objective of the experimental broadcast, Hamilton Cheng, research coordinator for PTS, told APB, is to find alternatives to enhance PTS’ digital TV service. Specific goals during the trial, he elaborated, included an assess- ment on the specification of 4K/ UHD TV transmission and auxiliary test, and ensuring interoperability between equip- ment, from headend systems to receiving devices. PTS also sought to enhance the display resolution of 4K/UHD video by integrating the HEVC/H.265 video compres- sion standard. PTS, Cheng revealed, has been monitoring the rollout of 4K/ UHD content in Asia, albeit in a conservatice manner, as they believe the genre of 4K/UHD pro- gramming has yet to be clearly defined. “In Asia, the best example NEW YORK – The ongoing transi- tion to broadcast IP has been given a shot in the arm, after the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) announced the approval of the first standards within SMPTE ST 2110, Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks. The new standards suite speci- fies the carriage, synchronisa- tion and description of separate elementary essence streams over professional IP networks in real time, for the purposes of live pro- duction, playout and other profes- sional media applications. Matthew Goldman, president of SMPTE and SVP of technology, TV and Media, Ericsson, said: “Radi- cally altering the way professional media streams can be handled, processed and transmitted, SMPTE ST 2110 standards go beyond the replacement of SDI with IP to support the creation of an entirely new set of applications that lever- age information technology (IT) protocols and infrastructure.” The use of IP enables the tran- sition to 100% software-based, virtualised and software-defined functions, which in turn allows for the dynamic re-assignment of resources to maximise utilisa- tion, Michel Proulx, former CTO of Miranda Technologies, told APB. An industry veteran with 35 years of experience working in the broadcast TV industry, Proulx has been consulting for a number of broadcasters and broadcast industry vendors since his retire- ment as CTO of Miranda Technol- ogies in 2012. His current focus is helping broadcasters understand and navigate the rapidly evolving OTT distribution landscape and 8 8 Two legendary brands ONE REVOLUTIONARY TRIPOD 8 8 NE W L I VE S PORT S PRODUCT I ON S E RVI CE S MORE S PORT S 4 L E S S MONE Y i dea l _ l i v e@i dea l s y s . c om