Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) October 2016 • Volume 33, Issue 9

7 NEWS & VIEWS October 2016 NEWS & VIEWS 6 WORLD IN BRIEF EBU to update 5G rules GENEVA – Following the call for an open and interoperable 5G technology platform in July this year, the EBU is reviewing the EU Telecoms package as an opportunity to modernise rules that support media pluralism and cultural diversity. Acknowledging the opportunities 5G may bring, the EBU considers these rules essential, reflecting the evolution of viewing habits and the type of services provided by broadcasters. A Smart OTT move SAN RAMON – The Smart TV Alliance is merging its activities with those of the HbbTV Association, in order to bring a more efficient approach in developing over-thetop (OTT) services. The joint partnership will allow developers to create applications for broadcast and broadband delivery via connected TV or set-top box using a common HbbTV specification. NHK filming The Louvre in 8K TOKYO – In collaboration with France’s The Louvre museum, Japanese public broadcaster NHK shot The Louvre: A Time Transcending Beauty in 8K, which includes footage of nine famous art pieces such as the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. Using the latest technology, including wide colour gamut and high dynamic range, NHK delivered a broader spectrum of colours and contrast to create a more vivid viewing experience. CREATION 20 MANAGEMENT 24 | OCTOBER 2016 | VOLUME 33 | DISTRIBUTION 28 IP interoperability has arrived by shawn liew AMSTERDAM – In an industry where competition is arguably fiercer than it has even been, the ability to bring a host of broadcast equipment and solutions providers to work together on a common goal — many of whom remain direct competitors to one another — perhaps tells its own story. Formed last December, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), an independent trade alliance advocating for open standards and interoperability in broadcast IP, has now passed the 50-member milestone, and its growth is showing little signs of abating. Mike Cronk, chairman of the AIMS board, told APB: “The reason AIMS has grown so fast is because it is based on a really powerful idea. When you drive to build a network, and IP fundamentally needs a network, the value of that network to the companies involved is directly While there are member companies within AIMS who are conducting proprietary IP implementations, even they acknowledge that the industry collectively has to adopt an interoperable approach to IP, said Mike Cronk, chairman of the AIMS board. proportionate to the number of systems, people and companies connected to the network.” Reiterating AIMS’ mission statement of fostering the adoption of a common, ubiquitous set of protocols for interoperability over IP, Cronk points to AIMS’ 88 X-PLATFORM ISSUE 9 32 Borneo is a 10-part half-hour series that will give viewers an exclusive look into the remote regions of the island. Series to explore wonders of Borneo SINGAPORE – Local production company Beach House Pictures (BHP) is teaming up with Malaysian producer Kyanite TV to produce Borneo, the “biggest” factual coproduction deal between Singapore and Malaysia. Alongside Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, UKTV, the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and Perbadan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (FINAS), BHP and Kyanite TV will bring viewers an exclusive look into the most remote regions of Borneo, the world’s third largest island. A 10-part half-hour series, Borneo will explore the island’s tropical landscape and rich biodiversity, as well as follow people from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, united in a battle to uncover, understand and protect its rainforests, flora and fauna. Pay-TV Innovation Forum: It’s all about the content SINGAPORE – While broadcasters and pay-TV operators around the world find themselves caught up in the new wave of technology transformation sweeping the TV industry, it is perhaps prudent not to lose sight of the fact that emerging technologies are but enablers in the overall drive to deliver to viewers the content they demand today. In Asia-Pacific, in particular, which remains one of the most fragmented and diversified regions in the world, there is an appetite for all types of content. This, in turn, is creating a “unique opportunity” for pay-TV service providers, according to a new report released by the Pay-TV Innovation Forum entitled The Pay-TV Innovation Landscape in Asia-Pacific. The Pay-TV Innovation Forum is a new global research programme designed by Nagra, in collaboration with MTM, a research and strategy consulting firm. The report, the second in a series covering global markets, provides an overview of the pay-TV innovation landscape and explores 88 IT’S TIME TO LOVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS S RS U O Y U BER I R C BS With Ideal Systems and Paywizard, when you love your subscribers, your TV viewers become loyal & paying customers. Find out more at IN ASSOCIATION WITH