Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) November 2017 Volume 34, Issue 9 - Page 18

18 MANAGEMENT November 2017 Feel empowered with software-defined security by steve christian Steve Christian is senior vice-president, marketing at Verimatrix. Secure Cloud underpins Verimatrix’s strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT), which represents a potentially lucrative new market for many pay-TV and broadband operators. Cloudification continues to be one of the major trends for 2017 with ample confirmation of these infrastructure moves from the market and our customers. As competition to acquire and retain subscribers grows, the costs and complexity to operate advanced on-premise video and content security headends is also increasing. Together, they pose formidable challenges for pay-TV operators. The bottom line is this: Operators are looking for competitive advantage and increased agility so that new features and service options can be brought to market far faster than in the past. In this context, leveraging cloud- based services, and more specifically cloud-centric service subsystems, is another major step towards software empowerment and virtualisation of the video infrastructure. We have been talking about this industry theme for a couple of years now, tracking the way that operators are evaluating the relocation of their principal ecosystem components, including encoding, security and even set-top box functionality to virtual environments and onwards to the cloud. For instance, the hardware- based, client-centric, connectionless operational approach that dictated prior generations of security offerings is gradually becoming irrelevant. The new generati