Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) March 2018 Volume 35, Issue 2 - Page 12

12 Content that speaks multiple languages NewTek software-defined hardware devices offer more options NewTek has announced new features for its Connect Spark converters and NDI pan- tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. The latest version of Connect Spark includes multi-camera virtual PTZ capability, multicast support, ability to connect across networks, LTC time code support, as well as improved audio. NewTek’s NDI PTZ camera, said to be the “world’s first” PTZ camera able to deliver video, audio, tally, PTZ control and power over a single Ethernet cable, is now updated with multicast support and “vastly enhanced” picture quality, NewTek informed. Core SWX unveils Nano-M battery Exclusively designed for Panasonic cameras, Core SWX’s new cine battery, the Nano- VBR98, is a 7.4V battery pack with a 12V power tap (2A max load). It has a capacity of 98Wh and weighs 0.9 pounds (0.4kg), and is equipped with a four-stage LED power gauge and a power tap. The Nano-VBR98 is also the first battery pack to offer Core’s patent-pending SmartTap protocol, which will allow future integration with devices to utilise the smart battery data in the pack. Next Month @ Creation 4K/Ultra HD Acquisition PANELLISTS Dr Ahmad Zaki Mohd Salleh Group GM, Engineering Media Prima Phan Tien Dung CTO Vietnam Digital Television Mike Whittaker Executive Vice-President and CTO, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Fox Networks Group Asia April 2012 March 2018 Key advancements in subtitling and closed captioning, including AI and machine learning, are enabling content owners to bring their content to global audiences. Shawn Liew reports. F or broadcasters and media companies de- livering content globally on a multitude of platforms, subtitling and closed caption- ing remains one of the most important, and challenging, broadcast functions to execute. Delivering closed captioning at scale is costly and the manual undertaking can be burdensome to production teams, David Kulczar, senior product manager, Watson Video Analytics, IBM Watson Media, points out. Another major challenge with closed captioning, he tells APB, comes from a language and compliance s FGB( wVvR2V6VBvFB06WFW2Fff7VBF6GW&RBFVƗfW WFFVB6F&w&W0&WV&R6FWBBF22vW&R6PV&r6&R7&VF&ǒfV&Rখ7&V6r&V66fW"FR( ФV7"6FW2FRWRbFR#pFV2U2VvW&R$vG6VFvW&VB66VB6FrbFPWfVBBv2&RFfvFRV6V@FV2Ɩv( vFvW"'Ff6FVƖvV6RB6RV&p6&vG6FffW&VFFVB&WGvVV( f^( FRVFB( f^( vFFP6FWBbFV2( Ф6Ɩ6RRFG22FW &VFB2( G&6( FfvFRv&ǒ( &VwVF27W'&VFr6Frf'&WGvVVGW7G&W2vVw&26F0BFVƗfW'WFG2rB6ЦVvrF&fFR6ƖB6Fr( ХvF&Vv&G2F6Ɩ6R6Ч7G&G2$( 2ffW&r2F&vWFVB2FFV6W2&V66Ɩ6P&RVff6VFǒ( B&FW"F2FFB6W'FfW26Ɩ6R&V6W6RbF2$( 2&GV7G2&RBF&V7Fǒ7FV@'&Vv6Ɩ6R&VwVF2ЧFVvFR667FFǒ&WfWw0rG2F26&WGFW"V7W7FW'0FW&RF6Ɩ6R&Vv&FW72b&Vv&GV7BfVGW&W27V626'BW@FW"&Vv60G&6f&֖r6Fr2vFƗfR'&F67Fr)FW&2`V7W&pVƗGv^( 6VP6PV&p&V6P7&V6vǒFVw&খ&frFR67W&7`6FrfW"FR)( BFfBV7"6V"&GV7BvW"vG6fFVǗF72$vG6VF$2V6VBvG66FrWr7FFRffW&rFBWfW&vW2FWFFRFR6Fr&6W72vPV7W&r7&V6VB67W&7fW"FPF&VvG26RV&r6&ƗFW2vW&R7&VFVBFVvFbFP6Ɩ6RFffW&V6W27&72&Vv2B&BFgW'FW"&VfRFRg&2ЧF2766FVBvFFW6R&6W76W2$V6VBvG66Fp7BFF22Wr7FFPffW&rFBWfW&vW2FWFFPFR6Fr&6W72vRV7W&p7&V6VB67W&7fW"FRF&VvG26RV&r6&ƗFW2( 'FFrW"b6V&6&RFWGVFFFfFVƖ'&&W2vG66FpVvW'2VF6W2F&PV6ǒFBvVW&FVB6F2FVW@7V6f26Ɩ6R7FF&G2( V7 vƖvG2&W6FW2vG66Fr$Ф6VBfFV&V6VFǒG&GV6VBFP&ƗGF6fW'BfFV7VV6FFWBF6FW&2b&vW"W6Fv&G2WFF&GV7F&Ц6W76W2f"VFBVFW'FVCw&VVrV7"7VvvW7G3( BWFЦF&RvW&gVF2f"6frFPBWVFFr&W6W&6R֖FV6fRF60vF&GV7Fv&fw2Bv^( FVfFVǒ6VR&RfW7FVBFR&VFR6֖rV'2( ĖFW&2bV7W&rVƗGv^( 6VP6RV&r&V6R7&V6vǐFVw&&frFR67W&7`6FrfW"FR( Х7V6f6ǒvFvG66Fr$vFVBFV7W&RFBFR6FpWW&V6Rv26FW&VBFVF6ЦW>( VVG2RbG27FFWBfVGW&W027W7F֗6&Rv76'v6w0W6W'2FWB7V6f26WBbv&G0B&6W2FB&RVVRFFV 6"GW7G'( vFFRv76'6RB6RV&r&6pFR6WFW"7W7FW'26vVW"ЦFR&V66R6F2g&FRvWBvF@&V6RWfV&R67W&FRfW"FR( Ч62V7"2f"2&fFRvR6vW'2FR'&F67BVFBVFW'FV@vFW276W72FRFVFFG'V6W'3( VF&V6VFǒvVW&Fp66VB6F2v2VFRVVFW'FrB67FǒRBFB( ФV7"62( rFB27G&VЦƖVBFR&6W72&GV7FFV2&Pg&VVBWFv&FRVFF&7V7G2`FR&GV7F&6W72( ФFW"&Vv62G&2Цf&֖r6FrR&VƖWfW22vFƗfR'&F67Fr( vF'&F67FW'0fRFR&ƗGFvVW&FR66VB6ЧF2V"&VFR6WFrF@v2&WfW6ǒ"B( ХF22'FBV7"W2&V6W6RFVƖvVB6FrV0'&F67FW'2F7G&VƖRFV"v