Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) June 2018 Volume 35, Issue 5 - Page 4

contents The leading source of Broadcasting & Multimedia News in the Asia-Pacific since 1983 June 2018 (volume 35 issue 5) The Official Publisher & Media Partner of Premier Broadcast Shows Worldwide 18 The Voice in the Broadcasting and Multimedia Industry 22 26 30 News & Views APB is the to reach the Asia-Pacific Market Go Green, Go Digital! Visit for the latest news 6 VIEW FROM THE TOP: The progress and benefits of IP for broadcast Michael Cronk, chairman of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) and vice- president for core technologies at Grass Valley, gives a progress report on IP for the broadcast industry. 10 PROMPTINGS: Asian audiences continue to get HOOQ’d on original content Peter Bithos, CEO of HOOQ, shares with APB the video-on-demand streaming service’s strategy in reaching out to audiences in the OTT space. 12 EVENTS: Preview of BroadcastAsia2018, Calendar of Events. Creation 3 35 5 years 18 FEATURE: IP transformation starts with audio In terms of the IP [ٛܛX][ۈY\[HY\[YYXH[\B^K]Y[\\XXH\\YY[[\\و]Y[[ݙ\RT [T B]ܚ[XY\YYXH[ܝ][ۈ[ و\K[\\X[]K[[\X]\H[H\Y[\TH[]X]]B][Y[ MHTKH[\][ۘ[\ܝܘ[[YH T H\H]™[[ܘ[[YH܈\ X[ XZ[[Z\[ݙ\Hܛ X[Y[Y[\XKTX{ XY\[ TH\Y[HXHوBY\[][[YYXH[\H܈H\ HYX\ˈ]PUTN\H\[ܙH]YY[HYX\\[Y[[YY]H^YBY[Y][X]\H\[[Y\\YX\\HZ\]YY[\˜Xܛ][\H]ܛ\[]X\ˈY]Y\\H[][[XY\X\RKQQPQSV[X\]\HYY܈۝[ H[Y]\X[XYYXB\][ۜ’[[X\KX[Y[\X܈وQQPQSVTPYY˜Y\\[]\X[YHZ\۝[[[][[\K\X][ۂPUTN]H[[HX[ۈ\T[ܙH[[ܙH۝[X\\HX[\[HX[ۈ[YHوܙX][›]H۝[[T H[H^XH\XH[[ZXX\]Z]Hݜ[X[Y[\X܈وYYH[\ܝ\]܈\˜Y\[HYYو\Y\[\XKTXYX˂[]وܛ[XZ[][[X]\\[\Y]]X\[ۋ[XZ\[ٙ\[ۘ[[H[\KBXX][ۈ[X[]Y]H\[\B][Y[[XH[ˈT\Y[H\\[\XZ܈YH][ܛYK[Y[Y\\XKPTPГАK[\PQKY\[XK[ T]ܛBPUTNY[\HTܚ^ۂH[][ۈT\^[ۙ\\X[]\H\X[]HوH\]Z\Y[ ][[\]\][ۘ[ܚٛ[[]]\H\]Z\YZ[]\X][ۜ[\[\\[\HYYH YYX]H\KY[[]HX\\H\وTܝ“]Z\\ܝ[Y[[]x&\T X\YY[X[ۈوTܝ][˂TАPH۝[[ۋ]]\[ۈ[Z\[ۈXYB[[Yܘ[\وH[\KT\Y[ܙ[\[S”[X\ܝ[\ [Z[\[H NNNK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H۝X ͍H  M܈K[XZ[\YPY]X[ H [Y]X[ Bܚ\ܚ\[X][ HYX\H]Y\^\[X]\] ][]\\H\YX\]^X]]H\X܋]\YX\ ZXYYHوH^HXY\Hܙ[\][ۈ[۝[YH\ܝ