Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) June 2018 Volume 35, Issue 5 - Page 36

Migration is a matter of survival For the last 50 years Magna has been providing a competitive advantage for its customers in the broadcast industry through the timely adoption of innovations with minimal risk of disruption. Summed up as secure innovation, Magna de-risk a first-mover advantage and safely takes its customers to where their competitors haven’t gone yet. With Magna, you can rest assured that we’ll get you there securely – we owe it to our reputation. Contact your local Magna office for more information and a free consultation today. Auckland +64 9520 1582 Hong Kong +852 2563 4453 Jakarta +62 8181 43923 Singapore +65 6282 3613 Sydney +61 2 9417 1111 Contact Magna today to arrange a meeting with one of our team at Broadcast Asia 2018 on booth 4M2-01