Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) June 2018 Volume 35, Issue 5 - Page 30

30 24i acquires Mautilus In an attempt to affirm its ambition in delivering innovative and scalable video streaming application technology, 24i Media has acquired Mautilus to strengthen its technology framework with new products and features. Mautilus is a Czech TV app agency specialising in HbbTV and applications for multiple devices, and has developed TV apps for multiple platforms, including smart TVs, mobile and HbbTV. Rehor Vykoupil, CEO of Mautilus, said: “Joining forces with 24i will allow us to better serve our customers by offering an innovative approach to streaming video technology. The combination will allow us to provide the best solutions to our customers, and will be a great home for our technology and team.” Telestream updates Wirecast with new streaming features Telestream has released Wirecast, a live streaming and production software for Mac and Windows. The new software features built-in PTZ control for robotic cameras in Wirecast Pro, support for the X-Keys Wirecast control surface, paired encoding contribution with Facebook Live and more. When paired encoding to Facebook Live, videographers will be able to target and stream content to Facebook pages for clients and their brands, without requiring passwords or credentials for the main Facebook account. According to Telestream, this is particularly useful for pages with multiple contributors and cross- promotional streaming. Next Month @ X-Platform OTT / VoD Solutions and Enhancements PANELLISTS Chong Siew Loong CTO StarHub Michael Cronk Chairman, Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) Peter Bithos CEO, HOOQ June 2018 Edging closer to the IP horizon The transition to IP is beyond just replacing every capability of SDI equipment. It also involves new operational workflows and skillsets that are required to build new applications and systems, as well as the need to be cost-effective to deploy. Josephine Tan writes more. T he media and entertainment industry has already been transformed by several waves of digital transformation. These technological changes have been driving players in the industry to continuously innovate and develop new approaches to reach out to their audiences. And the most vital change taking place in today’s media landscape is the IP transition, which promises to provide more flexibility and agility for the design of broadcast facilities. While it may not be time yet for broad- casters to discard their legacy SDI equip- ment, a hybrid concept of SDI co-existing with IP has already begun to emerge, and is likely to stay for a period of time. Ar- guably, the end-game is not solely about IP — it is about empowering broadcast facilities in the next wave of technological transformation. One media company which has spear- headed the area of IP-based production is NEP Australia. In December last year, NEP Australia delivered a live-to-air, un- compressed HD remote production using SMPTE ST 2110 in conjunction with Fox Sports Australia. The broadcast of the Hyundai A-League football match between Bris- bane and Perth, held at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium, was produced and directed 920km away in the Andrews Hub, NEP’s centralised production facility in Eveleigh, Sydney. Connecting 29 sporting venues via a high bandwidth network, NEP’s IP- enabled Andrews Hubs supports multiple concurrent outside broadcasts (OBs). “The consumption model of broadcast is changing massively,” Stephen Edwards, head of technology for Fox Sports Aus- tralia, says in a video interview with NEP. “People want anything, everywhere, all the time. In order to keep pace with that, we cannot silo operations and be limited by who can be there and when they can do it.” For the broadcast of this football match, live uncompressed HD signals from 10 Sony HDC 4300 cameras were sent to Sydney via NEP’s new countrywide Distributed Production Network (DPN), with a fully redundant network at 50Gbps. A HD video conferencing system ena- bled the “split” production environment, in which all programme production staff — including the director, vision switcher, audio director, graphics and replay ope- ❝ The biggest hurdle we’ve seen is hiring skilled engineers experienced in both broadcast and networking … But as the transition to IP accelerates, we will see more good hybrid engineers emerge, and this being less of a concern. ❞ — Paul Druce, Lead Systems Engineer, Australia and New Zealand, Arista Networks rators — were based at the Andrews Hub Sydney control room. The final programme was then delivered to Fox Sports via IP for broadcast. Marc Segar, director of technology at NEP Australia, adds: “This is a mile- stone for the broadcasting industry, and ushers in a completely new way of bringing live TV to air. This broadcast proves that broadcast technical profes- sionals can now work across many locations using modern communica- tion tools to maintain a team approach — regardless of distance.” Providing the core network infra- structure to NEP’s Andrews Hubs is Arista Networks, which supplied its Arista 7500R series spine with 7050QX for the Hubs’ core IP switching fabric. In addition, the Arista R series is also providing the IP fabric for four new NEP OB trucks, and is adding a net- work layer to NEP’s existing HD SDI baseband trucks. Paul Druce, lead systems engineer, Australia and New Zealand, Arista Networks, tells APB: “Broadcasters in Asia-Pacific are embracing op- portunities to migrate to IP-based solutions. 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