Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) June 2018 Volume 35, Issue 5 - Page 16

16 NEWS & VIEWS Cobalt expands 4K/UHD and HDR support for openGear platform Cobalt Digital is exhibiting the 9904-UDX-4K-12G UHD 12G/3G/ HD/SD-SDI up/down/cross-con- verter, which is now available for shipping. Equipped with Cobalt’s latest generation of ad- vanced image and audio processors for the openGear plat- form, the 9904-UDX-4K base card provides 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI I/O with SDI mixing and demuxing and up/down/cross-conversion. Other options include RGB colour correction and SDR-to-HDR up- mapping via Technicolor’s high dynamic range (HDR) Intelligent Tone Management (ITM) processing. Cobalt’s 9971-MV18-4K series of openGear multiviewers are equipped with 18 4K/UHD 12G-SDI auto- detect inputs, which can be scaled accordingly across a full 3840x2160 4K/UHD raster output. Alongside the 9904-UDX-4K, Cobalt is also showcasing the 9971-MV18-4K series of openGear multiviewers. Featuring support for the latest signal types, the MV18 incorporates 18 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) 12G-SDI auto-detect inputs, which can be scaled as needed across a full 3840x2160 4K/UHD raster output. With an aim to expand its pres- ence in South-east Asia, Cobalt has also appointed systems integrator Elevate Broadcast as its distributor in the region. According to Cobalt, the agreement covers 10 South- east Asian countries, allowing the company to gain a deep market penetration and knowledge of regional and local customers and technology. Find out more at booth 6H3-01. June 2018 R&S places broadcasters on-track in IP journey From strategies for SDI over IP to over-the-top (OTT) convergence with linear terrestrial broadcasting, Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is high- lighting key market drivers that are fuelling the industry’s growth throughout Asia-Pacific with the showcase of its solutions, which span across different application areas in the broadcast and elec- tronic media processing market. For instance, R&S is bringing the R&S Clipster for mastering and distribution of feature films and episodic TV. Supporting up to 4K120p, from a wide array of me- dia file formats or baseband SDI, R&S Clipster is equipped with the ability to support various stages of post production with its built-in tools. Conforming, video t R&RЦ6&FW"eE"VVFƖV VFFr&VFRfFV&6W72ЦrBGf6VB6W"f&@G&6f&F2&R6RbFPfVGW&W2"e26Ɨ7FW"&fFW2खFFFFFR7&VF`fW2"e26Ɨ7FW"6&fFW0fFV&6f"2&WfWr@&f"WBFFRf4DF7'BBDԒvFb6V2bV&VFFVB4DVF"b6VbU2T%Rw6FR"e26Ɨ7FW"FP626F7rG0"e2fV6RWBBvW7@Ff&FBV&W2'&F67BЦW'2FFVƗfW"6FVB'W&vp4DBfFVfW"ԕFV6ЦvW2FW2VvW&rFVF֖w&FRF&6VB&GV7FWVVBvFWr6W'fW"6&R"e2fV6R&fFW26vPFf&6fW&r&FƗfR@7GVF&GV7F2B6VWBƖ6F2fBWB&RB&FEC"BFFW"FV6wFWfV2( v&N( 06W7N( dG&6֗GFW FFW"FV6w2vƖvFpDDU$ƖfGBФcB&6VBdWЦ&&BfFVW6RG&6֗GFW"FW67&&rFRĔcB2FP( v&N( 26W7N( dG&6֗BЧFW"FFW"FV6w62F@FRĔcB2FVf"FR6'&F67B&WBvW&R&676P2gFVB&V֗V2FRWvW7BV&W"FFPDDU$ƖfG&vRFPĔcB6&RVvvVBF&V7FǐF6WFW"f"7F6RFRG&6֗GFW"6&RVrg&ЧFR&6bFR6W&6RB6&P&WG&fGFVBFW7Frg&7G'V2ЧGW&RvFWBFrWV@76Rb&6VFVBBvFG2( 6f&f7F.( FRG&6֗GFW"6&R7FV@&RG'V62v6fRW7076RFW&ǒ6&VBF&vRFF6VG&W2FRĔc@6w2W6W'2FƖG2WG6FP'&F67B"VG2FvWFW"Wr&676RखFFFFRĔcB0FFW"FV6w( 0ĔcB&6VBdЧG&6֗GFW"6&RVvvVBF&V7FǐF6WFW"B&WG&fGFV@FW7Frg&7G'V7GW&RFW6vVBF&VGV6RvW"6Ч7VF'W6rǒ%rv6V7W&W2W72VB2vVW&FVB@W726Ɩr2&WV&VBFW&Vf&P&VGV6r67G2f6F'266V6WBFPĔcBB&FdB