Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) July 2018 Volume 35, Issue 6

5 NEWS & VIEWS July 2018 FIND OUT MORE ON PAGE 22 NEWS & VIEWS W O R L D I N B R I E F Preserve C-band for satellite services Amazon continues football drive MADRID – After successfully acquiring streaming rights to 20 matches of the 2019/20 English Premier League, Amazon is re- portedly eyeing to do the same for La Liga, Spain’s top profes- sional football league. TRAI rolls out new regulations NEW DELHI – India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has introduced a raft of new rules and regulations, which set out how addressable systems must be used. Also covered are 60-day reporting rules where multiple-system operators must state their pricing structures and genre of channels carried. CREATION 16 MANAGEMENT 18 DISTRIBUTION 20 | VOLUME 35 | X-PLATFORM ISSUE 6 24 Blockchain changing paradigm of content acquisition by shawn liew SINGAPORE – Blockchain will revolutionise how the world’s data is stored, declared Ben Flint, chief operating officer of Vuulr, a global marketplace and digital supply chain platform for the TV and film content industry. He told APB: “Data will no longer be owned by any one com- pany’s server, but maintained on a decentralised network. “In the context of the media world, data relating to issues such as rights transactions, metadata, contractual availability and au- dience ratings will all have one version of the truth that sits on an open ledger — obviating the need Ben Flint (right), chief operating officer of Vuulr: “In combination with other technologies, blockchain can add exponential physical efficiencies — in terms of data storage — and emotional support in the form of trust in the data that it stores.” to trust any one company.” According to Vuulr, US$240 bil- lion is spent annually by broadcast- ers and over-the-top (OTT) services TORONTO – The World Broad- casting Union (WBU) has called on satellite service providers and government regulators to protect the availability of the upper part of C-band spectrum for satellite services, which is cur- rently used to provide multiple broadcast services. 6 | JULY 2018 on acquiring film, TV, sports and e-sports content. However, around 40% of that value can be lost to the cost and friction of the transaction. At ConnecTechAsia 2018 held in Singapore last month, Flint gave a presentation entitled Crea­ting 8 8 Disruptive technologies pose challenges & possibilities by shirish nadkarni S Iswaran, Singapore’s Minister of Communications and Information: “[The advent of disruptive technologies] has created many new possibilities for our people, our business and our economies. The challenge is to navigate this new digital terrain successfully for mutual benefit.” SINGAPORE – “The advent of disrup- tive technologies has revolutionised the global economy, altered industries and business models, and changed the nature of jobs. However, it has also created many new possibilities for our people, our busi- ness and our economies. “The challenge is to navigate this new digital terrain successfully for mutual benefit,” said S Iswaran, Singa- pore’s Minister of Communications and Information, at the opening ceremony of ConnecTech­Asia2018 held in the republic last month. The minister pointed out that South- east Asia has a growing middle class and a population of 630 million people, more than half of whom were under the age of 30 and actively contributing to the remarkable growth in the region’s Internet economy. 8 8 WE I NT E GRAT E WORL D L E ADI NG BROADCAS T PRODUCT S a t ha r dwa r e l e v el a t s o wa r e l e v el a t c l oud l e v el t o bui l d wor l d l ea di ng s ol u ons f or As i a ’ s l ea di ng Medi a Compa ni es . www. i de a l s y s . c om