Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) BroadcastAsia2017 Show Daily - Day 3 - Page 8

8 8 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 25 May 2017 Tamga serves up JVC cameras, IDX batteries and first-class mobile encoder For distribution house Tamga, BroadcastAsia is a yearly event to look forward to. The company has participated in the digital multimedia and entertainment technology show for the past seven years. “It is important and rewarding for us to be present. BroadcastAsia is a relevant platform that offers exposure for our new products to an international buying audience, and provides networking opportunities with the right professionals,” says Micky Seow, sales executive at Tamga. “Technology in the broadcast industry changes very fast, so we have new products to showcase every year. Our products are always well received by broadcasters, video The IDX DUO-C95 (left) is the world’s “most compact high-capacity IATA-friendly” (<100Wh) Li-ion professional battery with multiple power outputs. producers and video rental houses. “In particular, we find that Vietnam and Myanmar are good emerging markets.” At booth 6G4-01, Tamga has put the spotlight on JVC cameras and IDX camera batteries. It is showcasing the GY-HM200 handheld camcorder and GY-LS300 cam- corder from camera specialist JVC. The GY-HM200 is a live stream-capable 4K compact handheld camcorder with inte- grated 12X zoom lens. The GY-LS300 is a 4K Super 35 professional camcorder that offers filmmakers the flexibility to use high-end cinema lenses or affordable glass to capture 2K/4K footage. From IDX comes a premier range of lithium-ion batteries and accessories for the professional broadcast, digital cinema, audio and video industries. The DUO-C95 is the world’s “most compact high-capacity IATA-friendly” (<100Wh) Li-ion professional battery with multiple power outputs — per- fect for handheld gimbal and aerial set-ups. It also comes equipped with two built-in D-Taps and a single built-in USB output to power ancillary accessories. This year, Tamga is also introducing Soliton’s Zao live streaming solution which uses H.265 video compression standard. The next-generation H.265/HEVC video compression standard improves encoding and compression by about 50%, compared to the H.264. The Zao-S is promoted as the world’s smallest H.265 mobile encoder. With Zao-S, high-quality mobile HD live streaming is possible even in low 3G or 4G bandwidth en- vironments. This makes it a first-class product for encoding on the move and streaming live broadcast-quality content reliably. Go Live with Conax solutions Conax is featuring solutions for live TV streaming services, with dem- onstrations of the GO Live com- plete live-TV streaming platform; and Contego-as-a-Service flexible cloud-based content protection. “The Conax solution provides pay-TV operators with proven low risk and record time-to-market for deploying a host of live-TV services with market-differentiating fea- tures critical to gaining competitive edge in the regional landscape,” says Hans Kwaaitaal, senior vice- president APAC & Strategic Partner Management at Conax. Marketed as a low-risk entry for operators to advance over-the- top (OTT) services, the Conax GO Live completes live TV streaming platforms for iOS and Android de- vices. It is an end-to-end solution that helps reduce the complexity of time-to-market barriers for an operator launching an OTT service. On the other hand, the Conax Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based security platform supports DVB, IPTV and OTT content delivery and all major digital rights manage- ment (DRM) technologies. This platform is also aimed at providing pay-TV operators with a sustainable growth model through low Capex, reduced operational complexity (with operational secu- rity managed by Conax), as well as fast time-to-market for launching new features, says the company. Other products found at booth 1J2-01 at CommunicAsia2017 in- clude the next-generation Conax Connected Access IPTV platform, where the platform’s security client eliminates the complexity of secur- ing IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes (STBs), and enables management of both conditional access and the DRM security through a single backend. “The worldwide market share of IPTV is very low, less than 10%,” says Kwaaitaal. “But this is growing. We see more and more cable operators use fibre-to-the-home for network expansion.” The Contego platform can serve not only traditional cable service, but IPTV as well, he adds. There will be Asian-based ope- rators deploying IPTV service using the Contego platform this year, Conax’s Hans Kwaaitaal with the company’s DRM display. Kwaaitaal reveals. He also shares that Conax recently sealed a deal with Shang- hai-based chipset manufacturer Montage, where Conax CAS tech- nology will be integrated into the chipsets. “This would be very good news for the low-cost STB markets, espe- cially those in Asia-Pacific,” he says. Visit us Booth 4J4-01 THIS IS STATE-OF-THE-ART WIRELESS COMMUNICATION BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM • • • • • • • • • • • Up to 10 beltpacks per antenna 100 antenna, 100 beltpack system capacity Best-in-class voice clarity “Touch&Go” beltpack registration 6-channel beltpack plus dedicated REPLY button Built-in microphone and speaker for Walkie-Talkie mode Smartphone integration via Bluetooth Ergonomic, robust beltpack design Sunlight-readable display with Gorilla Glass™ Decentralized AES67 IP networked antennas Seamless integration into RIEDEL‘S ARTIST intercom matrix