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6 6 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 25 May 2017 The leading source of Broadcasting & Multimedia News in the Asia-Pacific since 1983 The Voice in the Broadcasting and Multimedia Industry The Official Publisher & Media Partner of Premier Broadcast Shows Worldwide APB is the shortest route to reach the Asia-Pacific Market Go Green, Go Digital! Visit for the latest news 34 years Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) has been the voice of the broadcast and multimedia industry for the past 34 years. It brings news of groundbreaking events and features interviews with decision-makers and professionals in the industry. The publication also tracks and reviews the hottest industry developments and technology trends. Since 1998, APB has been the official publisher for the annual BroadcastAsia Show in Singapore, and a partner in other major trade events worldwide, including NAB, BIRTV, IBC, CCBN, KOBA, Inter-BEE, Broadcast India, and CASBAA Convention. With its vision and mission to become an integral part of the industry, APB has been organising CEO Roundtables, Forums & Seminars since 1999. For more information, please contact +65 6282 8456 or e-mail / The importance of KVM and beyond At the IHSE booth at 6F3-01, the tagline exhorts: Streamline your broadcast workflow. And in the world of broadcasting, one of the critical conditions for streamlined work- flow is the ability to securely connect devices, systems and displays which may be located over a wide area and place the controls of these firmly in the hands of operators sitting in the tight environment of the command centre. This is the specialist area of IHSE, the leading provider of KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) products supporting long- distance signal extenders and switching for DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, USB, audio and RS-232 serial data. For 30 years, IHSE has been developing innovative ways of supporting next-genera- tion products for KVM and signal extenders. IHSE’s KVM solutions hinge on its no- table KVM matrix switch. The Draco tera family of matrix switches are highly flexible, modular and high-performance systems for bi-directional signal distribution of high- definition video, audio and data over Cat X, multi-mode and single-mode fibre. High-definition video signals, including DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI, are supported, as are analogue and digital audio formats and USB 2.0/3.0 data signals. Using XV fibre cards, the Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch offers tremen- dous scalability. IHSE says its KVM switch is unlike other IP-based KVM solutions and avoids their known weaknesses such as single point of failure, high costs, limited user connection and security risks such as malware vulner- abilities. With its many generations of KVM switch technology, IHSE is a solid technology leader, says Dr Enno Littman, CEO of IHSE. “IHSE KVM has come a long way from an island technology for local installations to provide a full system solution for com- panies and organisations to manage access and resources all across their campus and between their sites. “More importantly, today IHSE KVM provides a secure way of accessing your re- sources, a viable alternative to IP technology that has come under attack increasingly from malware and cyberspace terrorists.” At BroadcastAsia2017, two new solutions are drawing attention. Terence Teng, IHSE’s Asia-Pacific managing director, highlights the Tera Viewer, a neat piece of software that allows preview of all mission-critical equipment connected to the IHSE KVM matrix switch. The Tera Viewer provides an IP-based preview of video signals passing through Draco tera KVM matrix systems. With Tera Viewer, users can conveniently check and monitor images as often as required in control-and-monitoring applications. Tera Viewer presents live-image previews on separate, user-configurable screens, and a drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to re-route data paths easily in the KVM switch. “Tera viewer is an intuitive user interface, ideally suited for professional KVM manage- IHSE’s Dr Enno Littman and Terence Teng are on hand to show visitors how to streamline their broadcast workflow. ment at the workstation. With just a mouse click or a tap on a touchscreen, you can quickly select the source you are looking for and see real-time video switching.” Then there is the Draco vario SDI Ex- tender. IHSE has broadened the successful Draco vario KVM extender series with a new SDI Extender. 3G-SDI signals and embedded audio can now be combined with KVM data in Draco tera KVM switches and point-to- point extenders for transmission over copper or fiber cables up to 10km. A special feature of the Draco vario SDI Extender is the integrated signal conversion between SDI and digital video domains, including DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. This allows viewing of content on a wide range of monitors, without the need for dedicated SDI displays and the use of Cat X and fibre for SDI extension. Contact: