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4 4 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 25 May 2017 Apantac highlights MX-32 and Mi-16 multiviewers Apantac, a provider of multi- viewers, video walls, extenders and signal processing solutions, is dem- onstrating its new 32 inputs and four outputs MX-32 multiviewer. The MX-32 provides the func- tionality for input source to be displayed on any of the four out- puts. Each input source can be duplicated as well as re-sized on the display, while each output can display up to 32 windows. As with all Apantac multiview- ers, the MX-32 includes a custom on-screen display for complete layout flexibility to show up to 128 audio meters per output, custom standalone labels, tally indicators, analogue and digital clocks, and count up/down timers. Each display window can be re-sized and positioned freely, and is equipped with storage of up to 30 non-volatile presets in the unit. Exhibiting under systems inte- grator Elevate Broadcast at booth 6H3-01, Apactac is also showcas- ing the Mi-16 range of multi- viewers. Some features of the Mi- 16 series include 16 SD, HD and 3G SDI inputs, two pairs of HDMI and SDI outputs, 32 GPI/O for tally counters and presets recall, as well as 16 channels of embedded audio display as meters. Thomas Tang, president of Apantac, says: “Our new Mi-16 range of multiviewers is packed with features typically only found in a US$15,000 multiviewer sys- tem, yet our Mi-16 starts as low as $2,250. “The Mi-16 is an ideal choice for facilities that require a full- feature multiviewer, yet are cost- conscious.” The Mi-16 series has three models: Mi-16, Mi-16+ and Mi- 16#. The Mi-16 is a 16x1 multi- viewer that features two sets of HDMI and SDI outputs for the display of content. Comprising two 8x1 multi- viewers is the Mi-16+, where inputs one to eight are displayed on the first set of HDMI and SDI outputs, while inputs nine to 16 are dis- Official Show Daily Apantac is showcasing the Mi-16 range of multiviewers at booth 6H3-01. played on the second set of the similar outputs. The Mi-16#, on the other hand, is a 16x2 multi viewer featuring passive input loop through, audio monitoring, and visual alarm tags for A/V alarm detection. GatesAir showcasing Maxiva transmitter for terrestrial broadcast A provider of complete solu- tions for over-the-air radio and TV broadcasting, GatesAir lever- ages wireless spectrum to maximise performance for multi-channel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with reliability, GatesAir has structured turnkey solutions that enable broadcasters to create, transport and transmit radio and TV content all over the world. With customers in more than 185 countries, the company is con- sidered an industry leader in inno- vation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership. At BroadcastAsia2017, GatesAir (booth 4Q3-01) is showcasing its new Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitter that is ideal for terrestrial broadcasters. “The ULXTE integrates our new ATSC 3.0-ready XTE exciter, which increases processing power and incorporates our patented RTAC technology,” says Darren Frearson of the Ohio-based GatesAir. “These systems work harmoniously, and greatly reduce the total cost of ownership over the life span of the transmitter.” The Maxiva ULXTE has been re- cently chosen to replace the Gates- Air Sigma legacy transmitter that was installed some 15 years ago at WTTW-TV (owned by Window To The World Communications), the primary public broadcasting service member station serving the Chicago market. “GatesAir sent an engineering team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s transmitter site, and worked out the best possible plan for replacing the old transmitter with the new ULXTE model, given WTTW’s limited space and the short deadline it was facing,” he says. WTTW will leverage other ben- efits from working with GatesAir on the path to ATSC 3.0, including a simpler migration due to matching power levels for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 standards within the ULXTE system. Publisher/Editor Andrew Yeo Managing Editor Shawn Liew Online Editor Millette Manalo-Burgos Contributing Editor Shirish Nadkarni Senior Reporter Josephine Tan Reporter Sharon Tian Contributor Stan Moote Production Editor Zuraini Ridzwan Sub-Editor Genevieve Chan Production Assistant Zailina Zainal Abidin Senior Multimedia Designer Raymund Jaudian Multimedia Designer Waldomar Zuniga Director – Sales & Marketing Jessie Tan Manager – Sales & Marketing / Circulation Lynn Chee Project Coordinator Jotham Tobiah Lim Ad/Office Administrator Irene Lok Accounts Manager Tan Hui Min Published by: GatesAir’s Darren Frearson showing off the Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitter. “Our ATSC 3.0 Guarantee pro- gramme will also provide WTTW with a comprehensive bouquet of product support and technical services, from installation to com- missioning and ongoing operation of ATSC 3.0 systems,” says Frearson. “Could any turnkey solutions provider have done more?” Editec International Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Pte Ltd (Editec International Pte Ltd) 61 Tai Seng Avenue #05-01 Crescendas Print Media Hub Singapore 534167 Tel: 65 6282 8456 Fax: 65 6282 8039 This Official Show Daily is published by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (Editec International Pte Ltd), which is solely responsible for its editorial content. 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