Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) BroadcastAsia2017 Show Daily - Day 3 - Page 29

29 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 29 25 May 2017 SingTel’s turn-around package for new breed of OTT and IPTV operators One of the highlights of SingTel Satellite’s suite of product offer- ings at CommunicAsia2017 is a turn-around package catering to the “new breed of OTT and IPTV providers”. Tan Tian Seng, director, Product and Marketing, SingTel Satellite, indicates that this turn-around package can make use of SingTel’s ‘hot birds’ connection. “We have a lot of antennas that can be pointed at ‘hot birds’ or sat- ellites that carry a lot of popular TV channels in this part of the world,” he explains. The hot birds belong to satellite companies with wide footprints not only in Asia-Pacific but also the rest of the world. These include Measat, Intelsat, AsiaSat and JCSAT. “We can downlink channels [from these hot birds] for IPTV or OTT providers, deliver the down- linked content via fibre or Internet to the providers’ servers, and they can then turn it around and put it in their bouquet of channel offer- ings,” Tan says. SingTel’s Tan Tian Seng displaying the company’s coverage map. “These are tailored packages that we offer to these clients to kick start their bouquet of channels for their IPTV or OTT offerings.” The service is also available to existing customers who wish to add on a new channel or service stream to their existing offerings. “We are seeing more interest in this kind of service and we have al- ready signed up customers for this turn-around package,” Tan reveals. SingTel is also offering end-to- end broadcast services, with the company’s teleports in Singapore overseeing more than 30 satellites. The company can provide exten- sive connectivity possibilities, and capabilities through diverse fibre links, secure cloud technology and protected data lines. To find out more about what SingTel can offer, head to booth 1N2-07. Verizon delivering next-gen digital experiences – anytime, anywhere The way the world watches and consumes media is drastically changing. Thanks to the Internet, users can watch their favourite digital media round-the-clock and on almost any screen. “Our next-generation platform enables us to take charge of this TV Everywhere evolution,” says Joseph Hopkins, chief revenue officer of the California-based Verizon Digital Media Services, which is exhibiting at BroadcastAsia2017 at meeting room 304. “We take your digital content and turn it into instantly gratify- ing experiences everywhere im- aginable.” Verizon, which powers an as- tounding 5% of the Internet and streams 150 million hours of video every month, brings together world-class technology to prepare, deliver and display content, so us- ers can watch and enjoy content on their own terms. Built on top of one of the world’s largest networks, Verizon platform ha FW2FRWFFPbW6W'2f"7FB6V7W&R@v2VFFRЧvW&R( FRW'6RbW"Ff&Ц26R( 622( ėBFVƗfW'0WBvVW&FFvFWW&ЦV6W2f"FF( 2FVFrW6W'2vWFW"B&RFV"ffW&FRE`6w26F6rWvFg&VG2ffW&( 26W3( vRFRW"FvF6FVBBGW&BF7FFǐw&FgrWW&V6W2WfW'vW&Rv&R( Ч66VF"6rf"FPFW7BvFvWG2( ФB'&F67D6#rfW&গ26v66rG26FVBFVЦƖvV6R77FV6v2FPVFW&V6R7GVF6W'f6Rआ2W2FBVF&GV7FBF7G&'WFv&Цfw2fRG&FFǒFWfVV@62( FW6R77FV2fR&RЦ6R&R6WW7V6ǒ0VFV6W26gBF7G&V֖rVFFf&2&W7VFr6VvW0vF6&FFrBFV6W"ЦrvB2VrW 6FVB'W6W72( R62( FfW&6RF2Vv7vPfR7&VFVB6vR7G&VƖV@Ff&FRVFW&V6R7GRЦF6W'f6RFF֗6R&GV7FBF7G&'WFv&fw276WG0BWFFFf"7G&V֖rVF( FR6W'f6R26WfW&BЧfFvW2f"RB6&W0FRVBFVB6VG2&Ц6W76W2BǗF72f"VF&GV7F&f26FV@r&W&FB6rЦrF7G&'WFBWF6FbFvF6FVB( ėB6&W6VG2'W6W72Ц7&F6f&FrWfW'7FWbFR6FVBƖfR76Rg&Ч&GV7FF&W&FF&VvF6FVBW&6F6r@WF6F( 622FBЦrFBB6'VG2FR6WFP7GW&RbvW"VFV6R2vBFW&RvF6rBpFWFW&7BvFW"6FVB@'&FVB2f66W72&6ffW'2W&F'06WFFfRVFvP7&V6rFV6w6fW"ЦvV6R26W6rF7'WF`G&FF'W6W72FV2vFFREbGW7G'BF7F6WFFfRf66W72&62bЦfW&rW&F'2WrWF6F'GVFW2fG26V2Ф6#rffW&w2FR6626FVB6W"Чf6R&fFW'2VVBFF@WBvVW&FFV6vW27V62FR6VBf'GV&VƗGe"@&rFFFFVƗfW"&RW'6fPfFVWW&V6W2FVBW6W'2WW2bFW6RWBvVFV6vW26&RfVB@&Fc"BB6V2Ф6#rf"WRFR6VB&6V@EbWfW'vW&R26W'f6REf26r&7BWF6F@W'6Ɨ6FF2FG2FW7@ǗF726&ƗFW2F26W0vFFRFVw&FbWpDRvV"W"FFR6RЧFV&Ɩr6W'f6R&fFW'2F7&V6RWF6F'GVЧFW2FRVF67&VVVf&ЦVBf&R&B֖B&G֖2G26W'FFW"6WF2FRf'GV&V6WFf"3c +e"fFVvVVBFW&7FfG@6V7W&R&6f'GV&VffW'26W'f6R&fFW'26&RЦV6fR&W7Bb'&VVBFf&Цf"FVƗfW&rBWF6pFV"6FVBVFRFWf6W26VFrfB67&VV2BVBЦVFVBF726F72FRVFФE$7VFR7FFRbFR'BVBЧFVB6FVB6V7W&G6WFf"VF67&VVEb6W'f6W2fVGW&rGV"&6FV2ЧGW&RFRVFE$7VFRffW'0V7Ww&FW2BFR6&ƗGF7vF6g&RE$FFW"6FRg&WrFV6vW2V6&7FRV&f66W72Ф&6( 2eb6W226&W0FW"w&vrG&VB( BFB`'&F67FW'2B6FVBvW'0rf"v2FFG&W726Ч7VW'2bFV"6FVBF&V7FǒBW76VFǒ'76rG&FЧFWGv&2BFW"Ff&ЦW&F'2( Ė7FVBbvrFWGv&2BFR6FVB&Vr6BG&FF6vRFR6FV@vW'2vBFF&V7B67VW'0F&V7FǒF&VvFV"EBBЦf&2( R62( vRBFBWW&V6RvFFR7&6WBVwVRW7G&ƖvW&RR66VW"7&6W@F6W2F6uFVf"WR'WBR666VBF&V7FǒF6VR7V'67&&rFW"E@6FRFN( 2&rG&VB( ХFV6wv6RF2&62&VG76&R( FN( 2vFWFƲFW2( ФV&V2( W7V6ǒ6VB&6VBvЦW'2FW66fW"BbFW'&FЧ&W2F2v( ФV6&7FRV&6vrfbFRe"F7BFRf66W72&6&F