Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) BroadcastAsia2017 Show Daily - Day 3 - Page 27

27 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 27 25 May 2017 Elevate Broadcast unveils ABonAir’s wireless video latency system Singapore-based systems integrator Elevate Broadcast has given pride of place at its booth (6H3-01) at BroadcastAsia2017 to the AB512 — ABonAir's breakthrough tech- nology in the field of wireless video latency. ABonAir, whose headquarters is in Israel, provides WML (wireless microwave link) so- lutions that efficiently transmit video from field cameras directly to a news track or OB van. Elevate Broadcast’s CEO, Dennis Brecken- ridge, says: “ABonAir’s AB512 system deliv- ers video in a surprising seven-milliseconds (msec) delay without compromising the video quality. “The AB512 also supports the multi- zone FCE (fibre coverage extender), which is another unique feature first introduced by ABonAir. Such FCEs enable coverage of multiple dispersed zones located on a single large site, where each zone is connected via a fibre optic cable to the main receiver.” Other features of the AB512 include in- tegrated intercom and IFB, and full CCU/RCP support for leading camera vendors such as Sony, Ikegami, Grass Valley and Panasonic. “The AB512 system is based on ABo- nAir‘s core technology of a bi-directional link between the transmitter and receiver that acknowledges the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, hence providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmis- sion,” says Breckenridge. The Elevate Broadcast chief explains that feedback received from ABonAir’s customers had indicated that, as shifting to progressive broadcasting where a frame time is only 16msec (in 1080p), the available solutions of 40msec-60msec were simply not good enough, and that a dramatically lower la- tency was required. “Their team of experts designed a revo- lutionary solution that will take the entire wireless broadcast microwave industry to a new era,” says Breckenridge. “The fact that the AB512 has achieved a remarkable 7msec delay, along with high picture quality of +52 PSNR, sets a new industry standard.” Elevate Broadcast’s Dennis Breckenridge: ”The fact that the AB512 has achieved a remarkable 7msec delay, along with high picture quality of +52 PSNR, sets a new industry standard.” Kaltura enhances TV experience with unified platform Kaltura, a New York-based software company, is present- ing its TV platform which enables content and service providers to deliver high-quality viewing experience while helping viewers find content and share it across social media networks. With Kaltura’s TV platform, media operators are able to create and offer unified TV experiences that can also be personalised to suit their fragmented viewers and deliver the content across all devices. The solution enhances user experience via content discovery, social viewing, non-linear viewing and cloud digital video recorder (DVR). According to the company, media operators can even create a personalised experience for each viewer in a house- hold, and offer a cross-device experience that allows indi- viduals to take their favourite content with them on the go. Furthermore, Kaltura’s TV platform provides intuitive interaction between screens with TV controls, content “swooshing”, and synched second screen metadata. Vitec pushes the world’s first fully IP prompting solution In a world first, a fully intelligent IP-enabled teleprompter has been made available to broadcasters by Vitec Videocom (booth 4F2-01). “Autoscript is the only fully IP-enabled prompting solution in the world,” says Simon Clark, sales development manager for prompters – EMEA & APAC, Vitec Videocom. “It is both user-friendly and reliable. Every component within the prompting system has been designed around an intelligent IP workflow, able to operate responsively Vitec Videocom’s Simon Clark: “We are targeting all the major broadcasters in the region.” and securely in today’s dynamic production environment.” The company’s Intelligent Prompting devices offer the flexibility to integrate simply via an IP network, pool resources anywhere in the world, and implement fail-safe redun- dancy measures for live broadcast. “The workflow is complemented by WinPlus-IP, a simple and modern refresh of our industry standard prompting applica- tion,” says Clark. “Everything in it is Ethernet connected; video is not being sent to the monitor. “The revolutionary hardware improve- ments we have made include a massive reduction in weight and set-up time.” Intelligent Prompting represents a scal- able IP prompting architecture that ensures benefits at any stage in an IP transition, while also opening the door for continu- ous workflow improvements. It connects to all newsroom systems and allows perfect synchronisation. Clark points out the operational freedom and flexibility that the product offers, since the script can be controlled from any position or location. It is scalable for both networks and standalone operations, since it has simple connectivity and complete compat- ibility. “Autoscript is a brand-new product that will not be released until this August; and yet, it has already become a rage,” says Clark. “It has been ordered in Singapore by Mediacorp, as well as TV3 in Malaysia. We are targeting all the major broadcasters in the region.” It is also able to support mobile devices as well as connected TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) devices, personal computers and game consoles. The flexible nature of the solution also enables ongoing evolvement of the service capabilities from content preparation, enrichment through delivery up to the device level. To find out more about Kaltura’s offerings, head to booth 4C2-01.