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26 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 26 25 May 2017 IP future-proofs and unifies broadcast ops ❝ In the global market, we can see growing demand for IP live solutions. Sony has already delivered IP live solutions to global broadcasters such as TV Globo in Brazil, Sky Perfect TV in Japan, BBC in the UK, and China Central TV (CCTV). However, open standards and compatibility are the key major issues in this transition. Sony’s Network Media Interface (NMI) is an open standard. We’ve published and documented NMI to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standard. In addition, Sony is also working on the new SMPTE ST 2110 standard, and we’re also committed to incorporate this new standard for the future migrations. ❞ — Hiroyuki Takahama Assistant General Manager, Content Creation Solutions Marketing, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Corporation of Hong Kong ❝ IP unifies connectivity for both the Internet-connected world and for content creation, real-time broadcasting, and distribution. Today’s broadcast infrastructure looks like a massive bundle of SDI cables, big video routers, and big video switchers, which are all specially designed for broadcast market. They are expensive and difficult to change the workflows. To achieve cloud economics, we need to use general- purpose hardware that is based on open standards. The vision is that in a few years, the modern broadcast facilities will look more like cloud data centre as there will be lots of Ethernet switchers and servers without the need for specialised hardware. ❞ — YJ Huang, Systems Engineering Manager, Asia-Pacific, Arista Last chance to win an Apple Watch! APB’s very own “IP Man”, Jotham Lim (right), presenting the Apple Watch to Chamin Balasuriya, senior executive, IPTV Operations – SLT PEO TV, Sri Lanka Telecom, the winner of APB’s lucky draw yesterday. Congratulations on winning an Apple Watch, Balasuriya! Do not miss your last chance to win a new Apple Watch — come sign up for a free hands-on session at the Broadcast IP Inter-Op Lab (booth 6A3-01) and you will have a chance to receive an Apple Watch that will be given away at a lucky draw at 5.30pm today. The winner will have to be present when the lucky draw is conducted to qualify. ❝ I think in Asia-Pacific particularly, the transition to IP is going to be faster than anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is really 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) because the Asian region is focusing so much on being able to create and deliver 4K/UHD content to viewers and the only practical way of doing so is going to be over IP. Hence, I think in Asia- Pacific, we’re going to see a faster embracing of IP solutions simply because broadcasters need to get to 4K/UHD sooner than most other regions in the world. ❞ — Erling Hedkvist, Senior Vice-President & Business Development Manager, Lawo ❝ The transition to IP is not going to be different in Asia-Pacific than other regions of the world because the customer decision-making process is similar worldwide. With our experience at SAM, we’ve built many small and large systems in IP. So if media operators are going to build a large-scale system, or if they’re building a greenfield site, they tend to look at IP, especially in fixed facilities such as broadcast infrastructures, studio complexes and playout facilities. They te BFBgWGW&RЧ&frFV6VfW26N( 0GW&66WVV6RF@FW( B2B2&PfW&RBFF&Rf"FPgWGW&R)( BFfV7FVBVBb&GV7B&WFr6VGf6VBVF4Ґ