Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) BroadcastAsia2017 Show Daily - Day 3 - Page 24

24 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 24 25 May 2017 Imagine: Destination IP Solutions such as the Selenio media convergence platform are allowing Imagine Communications to support the IP transition. However, the company is not neglecting the role SDI still has to play, says Dr Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, chief marketing officer, Imagine Communications. At booth 4L2-01, the company is highlighting solutions that support hybrid IP/SDI installations while cloud playout is also a focus, as Dr Connan-Lostanlen explains: “Operators in Asia are ready to refresh their operations, while we see over-the-top (OTT) becoming imperative in the race to capture eyeballs.” Oh my, this is pretty cool! 26 - 28 JUNE 2018 MARINA BAY SANDS & SUNTEC SINGAPORE Introducing a brand new look! ConnecTechAsia is where technology, ideas, and business converge. Encompassing CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia, and the new event NXTAsia, ConnecTechAsia covers the entire spectrum of communication, broadcast, and enterprise technology and services reflecting the pulse of Asia today. Redefined to provide you with a refreshing new experience in 2018. See you there! EXPERIENCE THE FUTURE Join in the conversation: Organised by: SES #ConnecTechAsia #CommunicAsia2018 #NXTAsia2018 #BroadcastAsia2018 At booth 4N3-10, exhibitor IPA Intermedia is showing off a product quite different from any you’d expect to see at BroadcastAsia2017. Th R2f7WVB2WFF0f7WV77FVFB6V2FR6W2bW 6W22RvƲBB2FVǒ6VB@FRVG'b7GVF27FW"6G&&0B6W'fW"&2FR'&F67B6VG&R@6V2F&VvǒBV2FF( 6V&Vf&VN( FW6Rf6ƗFW22R7FWFRBFR6V6 FWFV7G2W"6W2BFRf7WV0WFF6ǒ7FfFVBvW&gV7V7Ff&6R7V62WBGW7BBF'Bg&FR6W0bW"6W2vFV67FW&Vfr'F6W2WFR֖7&FR7V7F7F02RƖgBW"6W2fbFRB'WBbPvBFRf7WVF6FVRv&rW7@6RW"B6V6"VBWBFFPBFRf7WV7F2ǒvVRƖg@W"B6F6W2F&V7F"bFW&VF66VBWFRf7WV@6WF&VBV6ǒVvFFVB7FW"F7G&'WF"FV( ĒrF22vrF&RBB26RB6WfW&ǒFW6vVB77FV@N( 2&GV7BVVFVB'FRGW7G'GW7@2v2&&Vf"6W&V6W2@FRVFGVFRb7GVFWVVBF@'V2&VBFR66FR'&F67@Vf&VBF22w&VBf"FV6Pb6V6FfR֗767&F6WVVB( ХFRf7WVBv2vF6'@Vff6VBFW6v7FVBbfrf7WVЧ7V7FvW"7&VBfW"FRVF&Rf &VFR7V7FvW"27FfFVBW7BfW FR&VbW"fG&BFR7V7Ff&6P2vfW"6&VFRGW7BBF'B7V6VBfbFR6W20G&VB'6&Vf&RBv6&PfFW"F( B&R7W'&6VBbR6VRVWVR@FR&FbFW&VFR6G'W@6Rg&VR6R6Vr6W'f6RF