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2 2 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 25 May 2017 IP Inter-Op Lab ‘an ideal opportunity to re-think current workflows’ Broadcasting Union (ABU) points out that the IP Inter-Op Lab has created awareness at “The IP Inter-Op Lab gave us an ideal op- just the right time, as the broadcast industry portunity to re-think our current workflows,” continues to make the transition to IP. shares Nicholas Er, director, engineering and However, the transition will not happen media IT infrastructure, technology and overnight, and a familiar partner will con- operations, Asia-Pacific, The Walt Disney tinue to be around for some time to come. Company. “We need to be forward-thinking “SDI has worked well for many decades but and be brave in embracing new it encountered teething problems technologies — IP is something we when it was first introduced — the cannot afford to ignore anymore.” same will happen with IP.” Congratulating the proponents Agreeing with Dr Amal, the of the Broadcast IP Inter-Op Lab, publisher of APB, Andrew Yeo, who which he describes as being “differ- mooted the IP Inter-OP project ent” from other IP interoperability and obtained the support and demonstrations, Charles Sevior, co-operation of UBM SES and CTO of Storage Division (APJ), Dell Ideal Systems, says: “It’s great to EMC, says: “The IP Inter-Op Lab at The Walt Disney know that the IP Inter-Op Lab is Company’s Nicholas BroadcastAsia2017 is a fantastic Er: “We need to be creating greater awareness among forward-thinking and brave concept. broadcasters in the region that IP “Other demos across Europe and be brave in is the future of broadcasting. embracing new and the US have required vendors technologies — IP is “The hard work put in by the to go somewhere off-site and something we cannot ‘Lab Rats’, led by Fintan Mc Kier- spend several days pre-testing afford to ignore nan of Ideal Systems, in building everything before bringing it to anymore.” the IP production system in less show what is known to work. than 48 hours and went live on the “In this case, the equipment here landed opening day of the show was fantastic … and in a truck three days before Broadcast- the positive feedback we are receiving shows Asia2017 started. This is a real demonstration it is indeed a worthwhile project.” of bringing all the vendors (including Dell Lessons learnt from this IP project will be EMC) together to make it work.” incorporated into a White Paper that will be As parting advice to BroadcastAsia2017 made available at www.apb-news within the visitors, Dr Amal Punchihewa of Asia-Pacific next two weeks. • Continued from page 1 Simplify your workflow BroadcastAsia remains key broadcast trade show in Asia-Pacific BroadcastAsia2017 has achieved its core objective of providing visitors and delegates alike with a holistic experience, says Calvin Koh, assistant project director, Communica- tions Events, UBM SES. Speaking to the Show Daily as Broad- castAsia2017 drew to a close, he adds: “We have been able to attract high-quality visi- tors this year, and exhibitors such as Verizon, Oracle and IBM Cloud have demonstrated comprehensive technologies that provide visitors with key takeaways that can enhance their respective facilities and workflows.” Koh is also heartened by the on-site knowledge that the Post-Production Hub, the Innovation Hub and the Broadcast IP Inter- Op Lab are able to address to the different needs of visitors. When ConnecTechAsia, encompassing BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia and the newly minted NXTAsia, makes its debut next year, one can expect a bigger show, says Koh. ConnecTechAsia 2018 will cover the en- tire spectrum of communication, broadcast and enterprise technology and services; col- lectively, the three verticals will highlight the latest in IP, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, pro-audio, content acquisition, and much more, says Koh. Pointing to the Broadcast IP Inter-Op Lab this year, which was jointly set up by UBM SES, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) and systems integrator Ideal Systems, to address some of the pertinent issues and concerns surrounding broadcast IP, Koh is inviting UBM SES’ Calvin Koh: “BroadcastAsia remains a must-attend for acquisitions and participation in discourse on the latest industry trends.” partners to come forward to work with UBM SES to develop other specific industry issues and technologies. “BroadcastAsia remains a must-attend for acquisitions and participation in discourse on the latest industry trends,” says Koh. “Overall, we strive to create an engaging event where the industry can congregate, learn, share ideas and best practices as well as to expand business networks and create meaningful relationships.” BroadcastAsia2018 will take place from June 26-28 at Suntec Singapore. Caton’s R2TP technology can power Open Internet broadcasting • Continued from page 1 IHSE KVM matrix solutions connect operators to vital broadcast and production equipment without compromise in speed, security and availability. Broadcast Control Centres Live Broadcast Radio On-Air Studio News On-Air Broadcast booth 6F3-01 IHSE GmbH - Headquarters IHSE GmbH Asia Pacific Pte Ltd IHSE USA LLC Maybachstrasse 11 1 Corporate Drive 158 Kallang Way  #07-13A 88094 Oberteuringen  Germany Singapore 349245 Cranbury, NJ 08512  USA  flexible open Internet streaming solution. The third generation of NVP video encoder and decoder, the NVP-903 supports up to three independent encoding outputs for multi-screen applications. The NVP-903 integrates H.264 decoding with simultaneous digital and analogue output to provide a versatile media delivery solution over any IP network. Its LCP-300 mobile video encoder and transmitter delivers professional transmission over open Internet. The ultimate in porta- ble, high-resolution delivery solutions, the LCP300 powered by Caton’s R2TP technology combines multiple (3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LAN) mo- bile uplinks for mobile newsgathering, live news footage and event-based production. The mobile transmission tool integrates seamlessly with the ձ䁽HQ@ͽԴ)ѥ́ɽ ѽ)ɑѼ ѽ́HQ@ѕ)ݕȁ=%ѕɹЁɽѥ)HQ@ɽ٥͕́ɔ%@͕)ɽЁͽѥٕ́ȁѡ%ѕɹа)ѥELՅ䁽͕٥)EՅ䁽ɥՕ́ٔ)Ʌ͵ͥ) ѽQéȁ-ɰM胊q]ɔɽՐѡ)A \ѕɹѥ͕٥ɽ٥Ȱ)́ѕѕ͕ ѽéѕ́)ɅѕЁȁͽѥ̻