Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) BroadcastAsia2017 Show Daily - Day 3 - Page 18

18 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 18 25 May 2017 Measat highlighting UHD service at show, sees more 4K growth in Asia Visitors who wish to know more about UHD deployment can talk to Measat COO Yau Chyong Lim and his team at booth 1T3-01 in CommunicAsia2017. Measat Satellite Systems is show- casing its 4K capabilities to high- light the company’s ‘leadership’ in the UHD space in Asia-Pacific. “We are probably the leader in UHD linear channels. Other operators do have 4K content, but they are more like promo chan- nels,” says Yau Chyong Lim, chief operating officer of Measat. Measat offers a flexible solution for channels and content providers to deliver Ultra HD (UHD) content through 91.5°E — a video hot slot to reach viewers in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Australia and East Africa. The company’s UHD platform which currently has two channels — Fashion One 4K and Insight — leverages the latest compression technique to provide greater sat- ellite efficiency using DVB-S2/S2X modulation and HEVC encoding. Additionally, Measat’s UHD video distribution solution was designed to offer a High Service Level Availability (SLA), including round-the-clock monitoring and support by its Network Manage- ment Centre and a redundant system to facilitate quick fault recovery. Lim believes that the UHD market in Asia-Pacific will continue to grow. Like SD and HD, UHD will un- dergo the same cycle, where all the ecosystem would need to be in place, so more operators can deploy content in 4K, he explains. In the case of SD and HD, Mea- sat worked with partners in the past to help channel ope