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10 BROADCASTASIA2017 SHOWDAILY 10 25 May 2017 ChryonHego reveals timely game-changer: CAMIO Universe on VPX While the broadcast industry is still mostly focused on IP now, ChryonHego believes that 2017 is “the year of IT”. The industry is seeing a shift towards the imple- mentation of all software-based workflows running on standard IT infrastructure instead of new in- vestments in proprietary hardware. With this important movement, ChryonHego’s CAMIO Universe on VPX (Virtual Production Server) is a timely solution. “CAMIO Universe is a unified end-to-end news content creation, production and playout solution running on our Virtual Produc- tion Server, called VPX,” explains Jerry Burianyk, senior pre-sales specialist. “It is a concept that brings all the functions of a newsroom to a producer or newscaster. Producers can schedule an entire show with virtual sets, augmented reality and live elements. In more traditional news pro- duction, there were only supers and CGs. Nowadays, camera shots, story playback and live elements can be easily scheduled and built in as part of a news show. CAMIO brings them all into a single controllable platform, enabling a single point of creation, says Burianyk. “When we add this to VPX, it es- sentially allows us to ‘spin up’, as we put different software applications onto one platform. So the switcher today is more like a graphic tool ChryonHego’s Jerry Burianyk and Dae Yung Choe, Asia-Pacific VP, invite visitors to booth 4K3-06 to check out CAMIO Universe — a unified end-to-end news content creation, production and playout solution. than a traditional vision mixer. “The system allows the pro- ducer to treat the different things as software applications instead of managing hardware devices.” Burianyk says virtualising gets rid of the cost of dedicated single- purpose hardware. “VPX is a game- changer because it means the capability to run live production workflows in a virtualised server environment is available to broad- casters now.” Specialising in live television, news and spor ts production, ChyronHego is offering some of the industry’s most innovative solutions. These include the PRIME 2.5, an all-new, high-performance update of the company’s renowned PRIME Graphics platform. PRIME 2.5 is a resolution- agnostic, software-based solution that leverages advanced 64-bit GPU- and CPU-based technologies for maximum power in rendering graphics and effects. It can output multiple channels of graphics and clips from a single system. For live 4K sports production, ChyronHego offers the Paint Tele- stration and analysis solution and a new generation of ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement products for placing visually compelling virtual graphics within live broadcasts. AWS Elemental unveils cloud-based live streaming at show AWS Elemental is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) company that combines deep video expertise with the power and scale of the cloud to provide nimble, flexible software-based video processing and delivery solutions. “Our customers can harness the elasticity of the cloud when needed, on demand and with pay-as-you-go services,” says Hong Kong-based Mark Cousins, head of systems engineering at AWS Elemental. “Our solutions allow broad- cast TV and multi-screen video to be customised, originated and monetised at a global scale, giving customers the ability to quickly, easily and economically scale and optimise video operations and the freedom to focus on what matters — transforming ideas into compel- ling content that captivates viewers.” The four processes involved in live streaming — ingest, store, process and deliver — have been made extremely user-friendly and cost-effective by AWS Elemental. “Live video ingest supports multiple video ingest formats including RTMP, HLS and RTP or RTP with FEC for highly reliable content delivery,” says Cousins. “We have AWS Direct Connect for dedicated transfer connection, and AWS Snowball for large-scale data transport, as well as the Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration for faster public Internet transfers.” The company offers three stor- age devices — the simple Amazon S3, the Amazon Glacier for long- term storage and the Amazon DynamoDB for video indexing MORE REVENUE LESS COSTS Optimize content-centric scheduling over targeted VOD services and Linear channels Eliminate ineffi ciencies in scheduling and material workfl ows WHATS’On The Broadcast Management System for the future - — for storing video content in the cloud with reliability, scalability and security to support both archival and origination applications. There are other AWS Elemental products for processing and deliv- ery at booth 4B3-01. At BroadcastAsia2017, the company is laying great emphasis on cloud-based live streaming, a process that the company claims is ideal for live events, as it employs the power of the cloud and makes investment in expensive equip- ment an unnecessary exercise. “You use cloud-based live streaming as you require it,” says Cousins. “If you have a live event for five days in a month, you use it just on those five days. In the old days, you had to stay invested in the equipment all 30 days in the month, but no more! “And, mind you, this is full broadcast-quality video; not ama- teur stuff! The world’s top media providers are asking for it, and actually using it.” AWS Elemental’s Mark Cousins: “Our solutions allow broadcast TV and multi-screen video to be customised, originated and monetised at a global scale.”