Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2018 Volume 35, Issue 7 W O R L D I N B R I E F 2022 Winter Games set for 8K coverage Streaming Video Alliance explains forensic watermarking FREMONT – The Streaming Video Alliance has published a technical document, Forensic Watermarking Implementation Considerations for Streaming Media, that provides considera- tions for implementing forensic watermarking as a tactic for combating the piracy of online video content. SVoD subs grow in Asia-Pacific BEIJING – There will be 351 million subscription video-on- demand (SVoD) subscribers in Asia-Pacific by 2023, predicted Digital TV Research. The research firm also expects three Chinese companies, Tencent, iQiyi and Youku Tudou, to lead the market, ahead of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. CREATION 10 MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTION | VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 X-PLATFORM 18 20 2018 FIFA World Cup: Internet scores over TV by josephine tan LONDON/SINGAPORE – While there are many genres and stories that content producers are capable of creating, live sports content is one that is very difficult to be replicated in broadcasting as sports is a form of entertainment that is so close to fans’ heart — they are physically and emotionally attached to almost every second when their eyes are on the screens. Last month, the world saw France crowned world champions at the 2018 FIFA World Cup foot- ball tournament, which took place in Russia from June 14-July 15. The World Cup, which comes around Sports is no longer restricted to large-screen TVs. At the recently concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup, viewers were also streaming the matches live onto their mobile screens. every four years, is also when fans from all over the world — regard- less of region or time differences — unite together to cheer on their favourite team. On taking a closer look at the quadrennial tournament from the perspective of the broadcast and media sector, media companies witnessed not only an increasing amount of over-the-top (OTT) ser- vices offering World Cup subscrip- tion packages, but also the fact that more viewers were streaming live matches onto their mobile devices. The BBC, for instance, reported a record-breaking 66.8 million total match requests on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport. More specifically, the quarter-final match where England triumphed over Sweden held the highest peak share of the whole tournament at 89%, and became 8 8 AI bubble set to burst? by shawn liew Most AI startups will struggle to generate a return on investment (ROI), an indication which points to an imminent burst of the AI bubble, predicted Riot Research, part of Rethink Technology Research. www. i dea l s y s . c om 14 | AUGUST 2018 BEIJING – China is reportedly keen to capture the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing from Feb 4-20, in 8K. For the upcoming 2020 Sum- mer Olympics in Tokyo, public broadcaster NHK has already confirmed that it will broadcast the Summer Games in 8K. 6 NEWS & VIEWS 5 NEWS & VIEWS August 2018 BRISTOL – Global investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to exceed US$100 billion in 2018; however, most AI startups will struggle to generate a return on investment (ROI). In fact, all indications point to an im- minent burst of the AI bubble, predicted Riot Research, part of Rethink Technology Research. This, Riot Research wrote in a new report entitled AI: Show me the Money, can be attributed to several years of sustained hype that has generated “unrealistic expectations” that cannot be met, and excessive investments that cannot be paid back. The new report identifies key in- dustrial sectors in AI that will make an impact and forecasts sector-by-sector growth to 2023. The report also dissects the technology, the markets and the major players with indications of which will succeed. According to Riot Research, the glob- al AI market will “only” record total global revenue of $39 billion in 2023, with 35% 8 8