Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2016 • Volume 33, Issue 7 - Page 30

30 X-PLATFORM August 2016 Providing an engine to publish videos directly to Facebook Live Wowza Media Systems, a software and cloud-based services provider, has upgraded its flagship Wowza Streaming Engine software. The Wowza Streaming Engine is a customisable and scalable server software that powers video and audio streaming to any device, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. With version 4.5, the Wowza Streaming Engine integrates directly with Facebook Live, allowing companies to quickly distribute live content to one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Wowza is also making it simple for brands to broaden their horizons and engage with new audiences in new ways through immersive formats such as live streaming and 360° videos. The simple stream-to-Facebook-Live capability is now also available in Wowza Streaming Cloud, the end-to-end streaming service from Wowza. Wowza Streaming Engine now includes an option for a general Apple HLS or HTTP live stream push. This feature extends the level of control for developers and customers, allowing them to write their own code using the Wowza API to automate workflows, sending live streams to not only the content delivery network (CDN) of their choice, but also any storage target for modification and management. Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP) for streamlined IT monitoring and operation is also now supported by Wowza Streaming Engine. With support for this standard, Wowza is attempting to bridge the gap between developers and IT operations, making it easier for IT operations managers to monitor Wowza servers in the way they are accustomed to handling the rest of their infrastructure with tools such as Nagios and SolarWinds. For developers who want to programmatically delve into auto- A new upgrade to the Wowza Streaming Engine allows content owners to publish videos directly to Facebook Live. mated management and analysis of video streams, Wowza’s Java and REST APIs provide stable and standardised interfaces for development of custom stream health monitoring applications. David Stubenvoll, CEO and cofounder of Wowza Media Systems, said: “Video sits at the epicentre of some of the decade’s hottest trends, from 360° video and virtual reality to live streaming and second-screen viewing. “Our customers know that video infrastructure can make or break a company’s ability to capitalise on these trends, which is why they rely on Wowza to continuously shape the streaming landscape.” IPTV presents ‘great opportunities’ for network operators IPTV presents “great opportunities” for network operators; at the same time, it is also important to find the right partners, attendees to a breakfast event held on the sideline of ANGA COM 2016 were told. The panel discussion featured Thomas Bichlmeir, TV product management/head of IPTV of German telco M-net; Oliver Soellner, a boardmember of settop box (STB) platform provider ABOX42; and Gernot Jaeger, chief officer of B2B TV solutions IPTV, Zattoo. At the event, M-net presented its own multi-screen IPTV solution, which is a a white label service fully hosted by Zattoo. German telco M-net presented its multi-screen IPTV solution at a breakfast event held on the sideline of ANGA COM 2016, which took place in Germany from June 7-9. Bichlmeir explained: “We tackled this project together with Zattoo because the Zattoo platform makes it possible to offer the TV service under our own brand, without having to invest in complex and expensive IPTV technologies.” In Europe, there is a growing trend towards hosted TV services, especially for regional and national network operators, according to Jaeger. “The more devices a TV service must cover, the narrower linear and non-linear content is interlinked,” he added. “Development cycles get shorter, and it is harder for regional and national network operators to handle this development. Large, mandate-enabled TV platforms are the only alternative. That way, the network operator is still in the foreground with his brand and he continues to hold the customer relationship, but purchases the actual TV product from us as a turnkey solution.” The STB for M-net’s TV service is provided by ABOX42, which also supplies the inte rfaces for the integration of the Zattoo TV application. A modern and comprehensive multi-screen IPTV product with innovative features is essential for national and regional network operators to survive alongside multinational competitors, stressed Sollener. “With the combination of modern STB hardware, a comprehensive STB middleware, an integrated lifecycle management concept for hardware and software, as well as the compatability to over-the-top (OTT) services — such as HbbTV and on-demand services — we provide a complete first screen product,” said Sollener.