Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2016 • Volume 33, Issue 7 - Page 3

Game Changers New Technology for Broadcast IP, Multi-Channel HD, 4K/UltraHD, Streaming, Capture and More AJA is pleased to offer a range of new solutions for the established and emerging pipelines you work with today and will integrate tomorrow. We have announced a range of new connectivity, signal conversion, recording, capture, playout and streaming solutions. Mini-Converters with solutions for HDMI 2.0, HFR and IP transport, desktop solutions for HDBaseT, Broadcast IP and 3G-SDI, the flexible multi-channel FS4 with incredible support for both HD and 4K/UltraHD workflows, new openGear cards, and powerful customer requested firmware updates for Ki Pro Ultra and CION. These are the solutions you’ve been waiting for. KONA IP KONA, now for IP KONA IP offers the simplest path for your transition into Broadcast IP pipelines, with SMPTE 2022-6 support today and more coming soon. KONA IP is designed to be flexible as IP video develops, ensuring broad compatibility today and a standards based approach for future IP needs. Find out more at FS4 HELO Multi-format Flexibility and 4-Channel Density in a 1RU Frame Stream and Record... at the touch of a button FS4 delivers the most power and capability we’ve ever offered in a 1RU Frame Sync and Converter. HELO is a mobile standalone streaming and recording device with all the inputs you need for capture and a wealth of ports for recording to USB, SD, and network storage. FS4 supports 4K/UltraHD processing in single channel mode with up, down, cross-conversion to/from 2K/HD/SD, and a full four channels of 2K/HD/SD conversion and processing for remarkable per channel cost and space savings! Deliver your stream directly to a web Content Distribution Network (CDN) while simultaneously recording high quality, compact size H.264 files. U-TAP SDI or HDMI You travel. You produce. U-TAP is the new family of USB 3.0, OS agnostic capture tools; presented in a mobile form factor, suitable for your pocket, both in size and price. U-TAP is available with SDI or HDMI, and both ingest your video/ audio directly into a broad range of software, including conferencing or streaming. The simplicity of USB 3.0 powers your U-TAP with no drivers required.