Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) April 2016 Volume 33, Issue 3

7 NEWS & VIEWS April 2016 NEWS & VIEWS W O R L D I N B R I E F 4K broadcast passes test in South Korea SEOUL – A broadcast technol- ogy consortium led by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corpora- tion (MBC) has successfully tested and demon­strated the world’s first end-to-end 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) broadcast using the ATSC 3.0 standard. The test broadcast also featured a live camera feed with real-time IP transmission. India’s DSO on track NEW DELHI – More than 90% of homes in India have completed the Phase III cable TV analogue- to-digital conversion process, said India’s Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The ministry added that cable MSOs and local distributors have already supplied more than 20 million addressable set-top boxes to the population. Australians prefer to view video on TV CANBERRA – About 84% of view- ing of video content in Australia is on TV sets, says report by Region- al TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen. The report states 87.4% of Australians watch broadcast TV on in-home TV sets weekly, while 91.4% of broadcast TV watched on TV sets was live-to-air. Computers, tablets and smartphones comprise 15.5% of the time Australians spend watching video of any kind. 6 CREATION 26 MANAGEMENT 30 DISTRIBUTION | APRIL 2016 34 ‘Go digital first’ to benefit from new technologies | ISSUE 3 X-PLATFORM 40 Lifestyle Network offers high-quality shows in English. ABS-CBN strikes content deal for int’l audience by shawn liew KUALA LUMPUR – Before Asian broadcasters can fully derive the benefits offered by today’s emerg- ing technologies, their foremost priority must be to complete the full transition to digital terrestrial TV (DTT), said Dr Amal Punchihewa, director, technology and innova- tion, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). Speaking with APB after the successful conclusion of the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposi- um (DBS) 2016, he related: “For instance, Integrated Broadcast Broadband (IBB) technologies and services have a prerequisite — if countries have not gone digital, they cannot fully derive the ben- efits of IBB.” Perhaps, appropriately, ABU DBS 2016 featured the theme of Innovating Digital Connections, with delegates discussing and debating on IBB technologies, 4K/ | VOLUME 33 ❝ Broadcasters need to capitalise on emerging technologies but, first, they need to go digital. ❞ — Dr Amal Punchihewa, Director, Technology and Innovation, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union at ABU DBS 2016 (above) Ultra HD (UHD), 8K, high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate (HFR), among others, even as Asia continues to shut down analogue TV transmission. “A lot of stakeholders may not understand that analogue to digital is but one technology transition … Broadcasters need to capitalise on emerging technologies but, first, they need to go digital,” said Dr Amal. The ABU, however, is heartened 8 8 MANILA – Philippines TV network ABS-CBN has sealed a major pack- age deal with Prime Entertainment Group for shows for its Worldwide on Lifestyle Network. Lifestyle Network offers high- quality shows in English, airing round-the-clock across the world through satellite, cable and video- on-demand (VoD) platforms. It is owned by ABS-CBN, one of the Philippines’ largest entertainment and broadcasting company, which controls 71 TV stations and is today available to more than three million paying households worldwide. One of the new shows to be offered on Lifestyle Network is The Secret Album of Clint Eastwood, a documentary on the Hollywood star. Collaboration: The key driver for full IP broadcasting BRUSSELS – With its promise of increased flexibility, more agile networks and workflow possibilities, as well as potential cost savings, IP can be an appealing proposition for broadcast- ers. Key hurdles, however, remain to be crossed, attendees to a presentation of the Sandbox Live IP Production studio project were told. Facilitated by a collaboration between the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the IABM, more than 50 members of the combined broadcaster and supplier community came to- gether to learn about and experience the “first fully IP studio” built in Europe by Belgian public broadcaster VRT. Hosting the event, John Ive, director of technology and strategic insight, IABM, asked: “Most broadcasters are facing a dilemma when it comes to re-equipping new buildings to take their businesses forward for the next five to 10 years … how much do you commit to future, unproven IT/IP technology-based technology, compared to known legacy systems based on SDI?” At the two-day event, VRT showcased the Sandbox Live IP Production studio project, a multi-camera studio system based entirely 8 8 Power ed by LI VE MOBI LE VI DEO ACQUI SI TI ON EQUI PMENT RENTAL SERVI CE CONT ACT US TODAY i deal - l i ve@i deal sys. com www. i deal sys. com