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of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” bath balm baskets, creams, wax tarts and the melters and “Through the Looking-Glass” books. are among the most popular holiday gifts. A spindle is a round stick with tapered ends used to Hannah says body butters and creams are also popular. form and twist the yarn in hand spinning. She makes them in part of a mobile home next to her McGregor says Splintered is her  rst business. house. “I was given the opportunity to get the building But about that name. Hannah says her son-in-law, affordable,” McGregor says. “I’ve always wanted to Kevin Walworth, suggested it. Thing is, neither Hannah open a place where local artists and crafters can nor her daughter Megan Walworth know why. showcase and sell their items without having to go to larger malls that are higher-priced.” McGregor sells the artists’ works on consignment — “We were just trying to come up with something fun and catchy,” Megan Walworth says. “And alliteration is really great for that.” she charges $10 a month to keep the items. When one sells, the artist receives 80 percent of the price. “I have wreaths, wood crafts, birdhouses jewelry,” McGregor says. McGregor also sells makeup and natural body products. So what is the most popular thing you can buy for the holidays? “We have a lot primitives and home decors; those seem to be the favorite,” McGregor says. “ … We have signs and wreaths and things of that nature.” If you buy Splintered Spindle’s 40 Bond Court Road, Olive Hill • (606) 541-6058 Hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays - Ray Schaefer Lunar Llama Kim Hannah can’t tell you why her shop is named after a domesticated member of the South American camel family. You can also get Hannah’s goat milk soap. The goat milk and other ingredients become soap because of a process with a ten-dollar name – saponi cation. It’s a chemical reaction between an acid (an oil or fat) and a base (lye) to form the soap (a salt). The soap can be made either by cooking it in a slow cooker for about an hour or cold process, which takes about six weeks to cure. If you buy But Lunar Llama is at least catchy and unusual. Hannah has been selling various balms, lotions, body Lunar Llama butters, scented wax tarts and their melters at The 110 Comet Drive, Olive Hill • (606) 315-6141. Shoppes on the Hill for nearly three years. She says the - Ray Schaefer ASHLAND LIVING | WINTER 2018 | 33