Ashland Living - Daily Independent Winter 2018 - Page 19

by Lee Ward Here are suggestions from Martha Stewart for giving a cookie swap. SEND OUT INVITATIONS Invite guests three to four weeks in advance. Seven or eight people are ideal — manageable, yet enough for a good variety of cookies. Have each person bring along copies of her recipe as well as some supplies for pretty packaging, such as ribbons, tags or boxes. CHOOSE COOKIES TO BAKE Ask each guest to make a dozen cookies for every person in attendance, plus an extra dozen for sampling; you do the same. This way, everybody will go home with several dozen in different flavors to give as gifts. If that seems daunting, scale back; if seven of you have six dozen to swap, you will take a few less of each kind but will still have an ample number. Decide who will make what, coordinating ahead of time to avoid duplicates. Sturdy cookies are best. CREATE DISPLAY CARDS At the swap, it helps to know which cookie is which. Put folding place cards in front of each variety as a label. Write or print the name of the cookie and the contributor on the card. It’s also helpful to write or print a cookie menu that lists each of the different types displayed. SET UP A PACKAGING STATION Ask guests to bring wrapping materials; you might also keep some on hand in case any are overlooked. Set everything out on large worktables. Consider stocking the station with tags or sticky labels, ribbons, twine, cardboard boxes, sturdy paper plates, baking papers, scissors, hole punches, tissue paper, cellophane, and other trimmings. OFFER BOXES FOR GIFT-GIVING Consider using white boxes. If you offer white boxes and keep all the other items in a specific palette of colors, everything can be mixed and matched easily. ASHLAND LIVING | WINTER 2018 | 19