ASH Clinical News November 2016

Talking the Talk: Advice for Scientists Preparing to Take the Podium Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology november 2016 volume 02 | number 11 CONTENTS Editor’s Corner David Steensma: On Eating Bone Marrow Pulling Back the Curtain Vincent Ho Shares His Experiences as a Refugee Trial Roundup Announcing the Beat AML Master Trial EXCEEDING the AGE LIMIT on TRANSPLANT Bone Marrow Transplants Can Be LifeSaving for Older Patients, But Will Insurance Cover Them? Written in Blood Complete Molecular Response Predicts Survival in Ph+ ALL AGE LIMIT 65 Literature Scan PCC Safer Than FFP for Intracranial Hemorrhage Patient Education Children Living With Sickle Cell Disease DEPARTMENTS 16 UP FRONT 24 CLINICAL NEWS 53 TRAINING AND EDUCATION 57 FEATURES 66 BACK OF THE BOOK Latest & Greatest: Drug and Device News Society Pages: Recent Promotions and Transitions You Make the Call: Treating an SCD Patient Undergoing Bariatric Surgery