ASH Clinical News March 2016

Why Are Generic Drugs Unaffordable and Unavailable? ... p. 18 Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology volume 02 | number 03 march 2016 CONTENTS 6… Editor's Corner Mikkael Sekeres: A Letter to the ABIM 10… Pulling Back the Curtain Fred Schiffman's Familyand Patient-Centered Life in Medicine 21… Avoiding Heparin: The First Step to Preventing HIT and HITT 29… Apixaban Versus Enoxaparin for CancerAssociated VTE 33… Patient Education Understanding Mantle Cell Lymphoma DEPARTMENTS 8 UP FRONT 14 CLINICAL NEWS 32 TRAINING AND EDUCATION 34 FEATURES WALKING A MILE IN THEIR SHOES How being diagnosed with a blood disorder changed the lives of three hematologists 42 BACK OF THE BOOK Letter to the Editor ... 7 Latest & Greatest: Drug and Device News ... 14 Literature Scan: New & Noteworthy Research ... 26