ASH Clinical News January 2017 Annual Meeting Edition

On Location: Highlights from the 2016 ASH Annual Meeting Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology volume 03 | number 02 january 2017 annual meeting edition CONTENTS Written in Blood Uncovering the Natural History of Primary Ocular Adnexal MALT Lymphoma Literature Scan Rivaroxaban Safer Than Warfarin for Patients Undergoing Stent Placement On Location A New Use for an Old Method: Cryopreserving Platelets With DMSO CAR WARS Bringing science fiction into the real world with CAR T-cell therapy On Location More Support for Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy in Myeloma DEPARTMENTS 10 UP FRONT 12 CLINICAL NEWS 29 FEATURES 34 BACK OF THE BOOK Latest & Greatest: Drug and Device News Society Pages: Recent Promotions and Transitions Heard in the Blogosphere: #ASH16 Edition