ASH Clinical News February 2016

drawing first blood: What is the Optimal Timing of Transplant in Myeloma? ... p. 70 Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology february 2016 volume 02 | number 02 CONTENTS 6… Editor's Corner Mikkael Sekeres: The "Theys" Have It 16… Pulling Back the Curtain Mary Horowitz on Taking Chances and Working Hard 31… Written in Blood A Longer-Lasting Treatment for Hemophilia B 46… On Location More from the 57th ASH Annual Meeting 65… Patient Education Understanding von Willebrand Disease 72… PASHions Karl Theil: The Player Piano Man DEPARTMENTS 12 UP FRONT 18 CLINICAL NEWS 64 TRAINING AND EDUCATION 66 FEATURES 72 BACK OF THE BOOK YOUNG BLOOD vs. OLD When it comes to RBC transfusions, is age just a number? Latest & Greatest: Drug and Device News ... 18 Trial Roundup: Clinical Trials to Keep an Eye on ... 28 Literature Scan: New & Noteworthy Research ... 40