ASH Clinical News December 2016

Drawing First Blood: Is There a Role for Pharmacogenomic Testing in Warfarin? Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology volume 02 | number 12 CONTENTS Editor’s Corner Mikkael Sekeres: So You Say You Want to Be a Clinical Researcher? Pulling Back the Curtain Charles Abrams on Getting Out of One’s Comfort Zone Written in Blood december 2016 WHO’S IN and WHO’S OUT? Clinical trials enroll the best of the best, but what does that mean for average patients? Sickle Cell Trait and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Literature Scan The End of the ShortVersus Long-Term Blood Storage Debate? How I Teach Advice from the ASH Mentor Award Winners DEPARTMENTS 16 UP FRONT 26 CLINICAL NEWS 82 TRAINING AND EDUCATION 90 FEATURES 104 BACK OF THE BOOK Latest & Greatest: Drug and Device News On Location: ASH Annual Meeting Inside Look Patient Education: Women and the Risk of Blood Clots