ASH Clinical News August 2017 v3

Interview: Jason Westin, MD, on His Run For Congress Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology volume 03 | number 10 august 2017 CONTENTS Editor’s Corner Keith Stewart Muses on Medical Marvels Written in Blood New Uses for Old Treatments in Managing GVHD Blood Advances in a Different Vein Managing Dasatinib Toxicities in Patients With CP-CML Literature Scan High-Dose Chemotherapy Plus Transplant in Myeloma On Location Highlights From the European Hematology Association’s 22nd Congress DRUG APPROVAL DISSONANCE How can regulators around the world look at the same data and reach different conclusions? DEPARTMENTS 7 UP FRONT 11 CLINICAL NEWS 33 TRAINING AND EDUCATION 35 FEATURES 44 BACK OF THE BOOK The Society Pages: Recent Promotions and Transitions Latest & Greatest: New and Noteworthy Research Patient Education: Understanding Inhibitors