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Nuclear export dysregulation is stealing the cell’s valuable anti-tumor defenses 1 IT’S ONE OF THE GREATEST HEISTS IN CANCER, AND NO ONE SAW IT COMING. Dysregulated nuclear export has been secretly depleting the nucleus of key anti-oncogenic proteins, allowing the tumor to proliferate and survive. 1,2 Investigate the evidence at References: 1. Gupta A, Saltarski JM, White MA, Scaglioni PP, Gerber DE. Therapeutic targeting of nuclear export inhibition in lung cancer. J Thorac Oncol. 2017;12(9):1446-1450. 2. Sun Q, Chen X, Zhou Q, Burstein E, Yang S, Jia D. Inhibiting cancer cell hallmark features through nuclear export inhibition. Signal Transduct Target Ther. 2016;1:16010. Karyopharm and the logo designs presented in this material are registered trademarks of Karyopharm Therapeutics. Karyopharm Therapeutics | 85 Wells Ave, Newton, MA 02459 © 2018 Karyopharm Therapeutics. All rights reserved. US-NON-09/18-00004