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In the BFORE Trial of BOSULIF vs imatinib 47% of patients receiving BOSULIF achieved MMR at 12 months vs 37% with imatinib (P=0.0200) 1,a BOSULIF significantly improved CCyR by 12 months vs imatinib (77% vs 66%, respectively; P=0.0075) 1,a BFORE: A two-arm, open-label, randomized, multicenter trial conducted to investigate the efficacy and safety of BOSULIF 400 mg once daily compared with imatinib 400 mg once daily in adult patients with newly diagnosed chronic phase Ph+ CML (N=487) The most common adverse reactions reported in patients receiving BOSULIF (all grades vs imatinib) were diarrhea (70% vs 34%), nausea (35% vs 38%), thrombocytopenia (35% vs 20%), rash (34% vs 21%), increased ALT (31% vs 6%), abdominal pain (25% vs 15%), and increased AST (23% vs 6%) NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN GuidelinesĀ®) 2 : Bosutinib (BOSULIF) is recommended by the NCCN GuidelinesĀ® as a primary treatment option (category 1) for newly diagnosed patients with CML in need of TKI therapy. Visit to learn more abou