ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 6

Free Report, 24 Hour Recording, Call 1-800-401-0724, Enter the ID Number Below intention The magazine’s name is intriguing: ASEAN Life I t’s all about the lifestyles, triumphs, INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES SouthEast Asian ancestry. It’s about de- SouthEast Asian communities: Brunei WWW.ASEAN-LIFE.COM dication among the communities of achievements, and ce­lebrations of 10 #02 | MAR - APR 2014 AN life veloping an ASEAN consciousness. Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, that develop a sense of pride about the SOUTHEAST ASIAN HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS sciousness in everyone through campaigns Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. WOMEN AND GIRLS’ HEALTH CHALLENGES   We aim to develop an  ASEAN  con- Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, SOUTHEAST ASIAN RELATIONSHIPS: A COLORFUL JOURNEY CHAMPION OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND GENDER EQUALITY MAE FLORES beauty of everything SouthEast Asian. Information and Intergeneration Bridge for Whether it’s about adventure trips to communities of SouthEast Asian ancestry. our motherlands, fashion trends, culi- In the United States and around the nary explorations, cultural programs, world, people of SouthEast Asian ancestry shared celebrations, or the pride of our have their own lifestyle: Some of the old achievements — as a bi-monthly magazine, country, some of their adopted country, we want to hear our intergenerational with lots of influences from their family experiences, conversations, and insights. values and their immediate environment, It’s not only about the wise elders we especially media. We support our “insider” feature but also about the next generation communities through in-language and in- of children, nieces, and nephews. For culture tri-media and digital media. We instance, we hear the neophytes as well encourage the symbiotic relationships with as the experts in business, professionals the “outsiders,” a.k.a. “Mainstream Ame- or entrepreneurs. The fusion artists and Photographer credits: rica.” They get to know us and participate designers also have a voice, whether it is Alice Garcia in our diverse, “mixed-up-like-apple-pie- Pan-Asian, Euro-Asian or Asian American. A FILIPINA AMERICAN ENTREPRENEUR IN INDIA ON THE COVER: Mae Flores, the Chief Operating Officer of GiLUXE, LLC, an information technology and services company, is a young ASEAN American professional who takes us on a candid journey of discovery to India. She says, “I believe my ability to adapt and adjust is purely Filipino. I can go anywhere, get thrown into any situation, whether entertainment, with investors in a board room, with Indian staff and executives (who do not take females seriously, by the way), and I can not only adjust, but I can influence. And this ability I have deep inside is purely Filipino.” When our vibrant 10 communities  Creating interest about our commu- achieve these intentions, goals, and nities is a  prime directive. When we objectives, our SouthEast Asian an- showcase the value and heritage of cestry will continue to thrive. An SouthEast Asian ancestry to Mainstream intergenerational community advocate America, ASEAN Life delivers a powerful with 40-plus years’ experience wrote us message. recently, predicting ASEAN Life’s future:  How do we create interest? Through “Therefore, successions of new generation our unconditional, generous support of after generation of community advocates each other. for Asian heritage will continue to thrive  ASEAN  Life’s  intention is to become a strong vehicle that raises awareness, and to replicate itself as generation ‘bridge builders,’ reborn each time.” v motivates involvement, and instills de6 MAR-APR 2014 7 Deadly Mistakes for Car Insurance Buyers 10 Biggest Mistakes You can Make in Buying a HOME 10 Tips to Save You Money on New Homes ID# 15002 ID# 15003 ID# 15004 21 Ways: How to save money on insurance Avoid Pitfalls in Real Estate Investments Free Guide: Finding the Right Home How to get the Best Price for Your Home ID# 15005 ID# 15006 ID# 15007 ID# 15008 Uncovering Your Investment Strategy 6 Things You should know before you buy a Home if you are Single ID# 15010 8 Ways to buy a House with Little or No Money Down ID# 15011 10 Questions to ask before you Hire an Agent Free Report: Prevent Internet Fraud How to Guarantee You get your Home SOLD ID# 15013 Divorce: What you need to know about Your Taxes, Your Mortgage & Your Home ID# 15014 ID# 15015 ID# 15016 Why you need UMBRELLA Insurance 6 Tips Negotiating Your Home Price ID# 15017 ID# 15018 9 Most Common Mistakes when obtaining a Home Mortgage ID# 15019 10 Questions You must ask when Interviewing a Lender ID# 15020 20 Terms You Must Know before You get Your Mortgage ID# 15021 Attention: For Sale by Owners or You’ll Regret It Do’s and Don’ts while your loan is in progress ID# 15022 ID# 15023 Before buy Business Insurance get this Business Insurance 101 ID# 15024 Entrepreneur: Making Millions of Dollars by Selling through Ads ID# 15025 How to Immigrate to Canada 37 Days to Clean Your Credit Buy Real Estate with No Credit Check ID# 15025 ID# 15026 ID# 15027 Pay with Food Coupon & Keep the Cash Flea Market Secrets Start a Photography Business ID# 15028 ID# 15029 ID# 15030 DATO’ DR. WAZIR JAHAN BEGUM KARIM: Simply stated:  ASEAN  Life  is the and-jackfruit” lifestyles and values. 4 Things Every Renter should know befo &R'W