ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 38

fashion Move Over West, influenced by his passion for tradition and cultural heritage. He loves to use beadwork, intricate detailing, and silk materials carefully crafted into elegant designs. Collections of this talented man are already sold in Hongkong, Paris, Dubai, and Bahrain. © weim- Fotolia Here Comes the Southeast Biyan Wanaatmadja’s creations are Singapore’s Pride Singapore’s Shunmugan and Hana should not be overlooked. Malaysia-born and Singapore-based Priscilla Shunmugan owns Ong Shunmugan. She is known for her modern cheongsam collection, for which she has received recognition in creatively highlighting traditional pieces and transforming them into newer and fresher fashion masterpieces. Kae Hana shows her love for prints when she designs fun and youthful clothes that are easy to wear. She collaborates with local artists or designs her own prints. Her designs focus on the Republic, but is now working on her own combination of sweetness with a rebellious woman’s figure, with clothes that suit women clothing line characterized by playful designs. edge. They entered the U.S. market after the who are always on the move, yet want to She offers shirts, dresses, and other women’s Hilton sisters were photographed wearing W make a fashion statement. wear sold in New York City. Stretsis (“sisters” the same dress Stretsis created. Today, more spelled backwards) is composed of sisters Hollywood celebrities wear their clothing. Margarita Saplala is Manila-born but For many years, trends in Asian fashion was always dominated by China and Japan. Fashion in Thailand. They describe their creations New York-based. She used to design for designers from Southeast Asia are now getting the international scene’s attention. Some of the top as non-conventional, allowing girls to feel popular brands Guess, Gap and Banana the joy of dressing-up. Their designs are a Batik Fashion by Weim hen it comes to “top of mind” for a fashion destination, the most popular cities are New York, Paris, and Milan. These iconic cities are considered the world’s foremost Creative Manila and Thailand fashion hubs. They influence international trends and are centers for design and Marthina, Kly and Pim. These New York- Natives trained (Parson’s) siblings are headquartered production, retailing, and hosting fashion events and fairs. In November 2013, the Luxury Society, together with the International New York Times, held its international conference in Singapore, and focused on Southeast Asia designers are from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. In November 2013, the Luxury Society, together with the International New York Times, held its international conference AN life in Singapore, and focused on Southeast Asia. Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune’s fashion editor, believes that Asia is not just a place where low-cost clothing is made, but is also a creative powerhouse --- and that was highlighted in the event. The attention is long overdue. Indonesian Designers Tex Saverio is an Indonesian fashion designer who has already penetrated Paris through the Paris Fashion Week. His works were worn by no less than Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian, and pop icon Lady Gaga. He is considered as the “Alexander McQueen” of Indonesia. Fashion newcomer, Indonesian Friederich Herman, is noted for his “cutting edge” style, mixing urban fashion using various fabrics and sharp, vibrant colors with the right edge and flair for the designs not to be labeled as “uniform.” 38 MAR-APR 2014 MAR-APR 2014 39