ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 32

Dato’ Dr. Wazir Jahan Begum Karim did ASERA-led campaign to preserve the Masjid thumb: she maintains a garden, and has not earn all these distinctions, awards, and Melayu Lebuh Acheh land from being turned successfully grown avocados - not native knowledge just by going from one university into an apartment block. Other projects to her country and very difficult to cultivate. to another, learning if not teaching. For her, involved promotion of the Nusantara textile She has since encouraged people to grow experience is the best teacher. To collect data industry, preservation of the Orang Asli their own avocado trees since the Malaysian for anthropological research for her books, arts, and various discourses on the culture, climate is suitable for it. she actually lived with an indigenous group history, and heritage of several aboriginal in Malaysia, the Ma’ Betisé’, for two years in communities in Malaysia. If it weren’t for Wazir Jahan’s work, ASEAN Life Page of REFERENCES Factoids: LAO PDR http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / Aung San Suu Kyi: A Story of Compassion, Bravery and Forgiveness the mangrove forests of west Malaysia. She Seeing such a busy woman, it is tempting would have become extinct or endangered, http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / literally “rolled up her sleeves and waded to ask oneself, “What does she do in her and there wouldn’t have been as many Indonesian Culture: Intertwined with Age-old Traditions, Religion, and Art waist-deep”, for she lived their way of life, free time? Does she even have free time?” advancements in gender equality in Malaysia eschewing modern comforts, and hunted You would be surprised. Wazir Jahan, when as there are now. There probably wouldn’t be animals for food, worked in the fields, shared not fighting for the rights of women and avocados grown locally