ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 28

© 12ee12- Fotolia © verinize- Fotolia travel tips Floating fishing village in Halong Bay Whether you are going to a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines or Vietnam or in some other places that are “off the beaten path,” --- tranquil and less frequented by tourists --- you should keep in mind that petty thieves come with the territory. It is Couples kayaking still advisable not to bring and wear expensive jewelry. If you have ncy erge s photoc em ber of pers opies num docum onal ents some valuables you want to wear for a special evening, then keep them locked in the hotel safe. Separate your credit cards, carry loose the travel warnings dress code travel and for special medical insuran places ce orts ssp isas pa v and learn t langua he ge bills and keep the higher denominations in a belt bag or hidden pouch. Have coins ready for minor purchases. Be aware of dress codes for most places in Southeast Asia. Remember that their culture is different and some are still conservative when it comes to clothing. Do not bring too many clothes. Good quality clothes are quite cheap in Southeast Asia and the choices are numerous and varied. Remember, too, that there P lanning your honeymoon this summer? Lucky you! Southeast take time to change official documents, women should book their are countries where public displays of affection are frowned upon. Asia is a wonderful region to spend your honeymoon in, but tickets in their maiden name to avoid hassles at the airport. Be sure What’s a honeymoon without plenty of pictures? Most in whatever country you are headed to, consider your safety that you and your spouse are covered by international travel and smartphones have good built-in cameras. If you want something medical insurance. better, it is best to invest in an inexpensive digital camera to record so that you can have a truly enjoyable, memorable and worry-free Make photocopies of your itinerary, your passports, tickets, honeymoon. your memorable moments instead of bringing expensive cameras What comes first? Your passports and visas. Your passports traveler’s checks and other personal documents --- and leave them should be valid for at least six months. Visas are mandatory in some with someone at home. You should also have one set of photocopies Learn some useful words and phrases beforehand so you can countries. While you are busy with your wedding preparations, you with you, which you can carry around as you explore the city and get immediate assistance. Plan to have fun in Southeast Asia and should also be working on your travel requirements. If you are from keep the original in the hotel safe. Always keep your bags with you. sample local cuisine. Enjoy every moment of togetherness as the United States, do check the travel warnings as well as the entry Carry the phone number, name and address of your hotel at all times newlyweds. Follow these tips and you will have a wonderful, exciting and exit requirements for the country you intend to visit. Since it will and know the emergency numbers for medical or police assistance. and stress-free honeymoon! v 28 MAR-APR 2014 and always worrying that these might fall into the wrong hands. MAR-APR 2014 29