ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 20

health Nama saya My name is Anda bisa bahasa Inggris? Do you speak English? Maaf, saya tidak bisa bahasa Indonesia I’m sorry, I don’t speak Indonesian Tolong bantu saya Help me please Di mana toiletnya? Where is the toilet? Hotel Hotel countries, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Saya sudah pesan tempat I have a reservation Indonesia and the Philippines, according to Satu kamar A single room the report. Most of the reasons for the high Dua kamar A double room Makan pagi Breakfast Please email us at Women and Girls’ Health Challenges from 1990 to 2008 although the results in Southeast Asia are not consistent. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei have made significant progress in reducing maternal mortality. The trend, though, is not sustained in other incidence include postpartum hemorrhage, hypertensive diseases and unsafe abortion. The latest data from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific indicate that the Millennium WANTED! Development Goals on maternal mortality © DragonImages- Fotolia Share your experience as an ASEAN American! Do you know of a community leader or business leader whose ach