ASEAN Life Vol: 2 March - May 2014 - Page 18

culture and East and Central Java is called “gamelan.” language lesson Popular during political campaigns is “dangdut.” “Keroncong” is Portugueseinspired music while West Timor has its President Soeharto officially overhauling the “sasando.” Bamboo instruments are used spelling system, which changed CH to KH, in West Java to produce “angklung” and TJ to C, DJ to J, NJ to NY, J to Y and SJ to SY. “degung” music. If you intend to live in Indonesia, it is imperative that you learn the language Dance and Drama although it is possible to manage living in Indonesian Culture: Intertwined with Age-old Traditions, Religion, and Art T the national language. But then again you are depriving yourself of the chance to and Ramayana, which are of Indian origin. integrate into mainstream society or deal Traditional dances from Java and Bali include “legong,” “kecak” or the Ramayana Monkey Chant, the “barong” and the trance dance called “kuda kepang” or “jatilan.” Indonesia is famous for its shadow puppet theatre called “wayang kulit” that also showcases events culled from mythology. The folk theater of West BAHASA INDONESIA Uniting More than 237 Million Indonesians T © filipemfrazao- Fotolia Colourful Batik the city, at least in Jakarta, without learning usually depicting scenes from Mahabharata © Brad Pic- Fotolia Most of the dances in Indonesia are based on mythology, with traditional dances with other Indonesians who do not speak your language. Moreover, you will miss out on fully experiencing Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and improving your personal relationships with the locals. For most people, here is some misconception them also speaking Javanese and Sudanese. Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language to learn when it comes to Bahasa Indo­ Bahasa Indonesia is likewise spoken in since the words are pronounced in