ArtView May 2015 - Page 8

One of the features on our Facebook page is the #ArtViewQuestion – the latest is: “Are paper books becoming extinct?” The replies we received included some comments from notable authors and journalists. devotees of both forms but I think many people use ebooks for convenience and yet still love to hold and read a paper book with a beautiful cover, and the ease of flipping through and marking lines. I find a physical book the most convenient of all - no battery, no chance of breakdowns or forgetting you have it (well they do sometimes disappear in my teetering piles). The best sign for print is that almost all children's book sales are still in paper and that market is booming. Kids will embrace technology as they get older, of course, but the love of books is ingrained from the beginning. Michael Robotham: Felicity Pulman: Plenty of room for both. I use an ereader for travelling and insomnia but prefer to read physical books. I tend to skim read ebooks but better comprehend what I read on paper. That's why I edit on paper. EBook sales around the world seem to be plateauing. Paper is here to stay. I don't think so, especially not amongst kids who are more techno-savvy than anyone! It's lovely to curl up with a book - but having said that, I love my kindle too, especially when I'm travelling, but also to find books that aren't available yet in Australia. Sophie Masson: Paper books are definitely not extinct, in fact they are not only holding their own but going up again after a brief period where e-books' rise looked unstoppable. As Michael points out, that has now plateau-ed to a point where it probably has reached its natural level... Interestingly by the way young readers--those under say 16--in my experience much prefer printed books to e-books. Yes there's room for both types of formats--and I think that now the first panic has passed, most publishers realise this. Susan Wyndham: No, the paper book survives and is loved by most readers. Ebooks seem to have plateaued at about 1520 per cent of sales, a bit higher in the US, much lower in many countries. For a while it seemed they wouldn't stop eating the print book market. There are Caroline Lawrence: I will read (or listen to a book in any format). I actually think it's nice that we're not destroying quite as many trees to make books these days! Paola Totaro: My book mad 14 year old won't touch a kindle: paper is the only medium for her in books - and that generation lead the way on multi platform media use. Books are here to stay I'm sure of it. Readers are welcome to add comments on this #ArtViewQuestion and others at: Follow our page for news, updates and special features.