ArtView May 2015 - Page 61

Fury on Maximum Choppage How would you describe your passion for acting and presenting? Many individuals (especially of the younger generation) seem to link fame with money and that’s about it. What can you tell us about yourself as an actor that can demonstrate just how important the way you view the entertainment industry is? Also, what is your absolute main goal in becoming a successful actor? In the beginning I was more passionate about good people and company rather then the craft, and I think from building good relationships it led me to good places in my career. I’m passionate about creating worthwhile projects and opportunities to be a part of with the great people I have met! In regards to fame is linked with money? It really depends on the person’s journey and I guess “Business plan”. Everyone’s journey will definitely be different! My main goal at the moment besides wanting to be in the Fast and Furious franchise…  is to get my own Kung Fu movie up and to continue to explore TV writing. Hopefully get a TV show up too! I have followed your journey in success and consider myself to be quite a fan of yours... can you let me in on some future goals and projects you are working on? What can we expect from you in the near future? Still very excited about our show Maximum Choppage that is on air now on ABC2 or catch it on ABC iview! My journey with SBS PopASia will definitely continue and we have cool stuff coming this year, so tune into our TV show Sunday 9AM on SBS2! Finally in May a CANBERRA Zombie movie I worked on, produced by Sanguineti Media called “Me and My Mates VS The Zombie Apocalypse” will be premiering.